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Oregon Basin Range Panorama
Crump Lake; Hart Mountain to Adel

Oregon Basin Range panorama; Freshwater Crump Lake by Adel; egret, migratory ducks picture off Adel-Plush Highway for framed photo or canvas
©0986  Crump Lake - Hart Mountain to Adel
Copyright 2008 Strength in Perspective

An Oregon Desert Wetland - a haven for migratory birds
   from Oregon's Basin Range-Playa Lakes and Alvord Desert

"Crump Lake Scenic from Adel-Plush Highway" is available as

On Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte:
A 20 x 60 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $235.00.
A 24 x 72 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $305.00.
A 27 x 82 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $400.00.
A 32 x 96 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $460.00
(The big one is available only if you pick it up at our showroom.)

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OR on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper:
A panorama, 10 x 31 inch print in 15 x 36 inch wood frame is $193.00, metal $170.00.
A panorama, 14 x 42 inch print in 20 x 48 inch wood frame is $337.00, metal $307.00.
A triptych, 18 x 54 inch print in 24x22;24x18;24x22 wood is $541.00, metal $477.00.
A triptych, 21 x 63 inch print in 28x25;28x21;28x25 wood is $672.00, metal $603.00.
A triptych, 24 x 72 inch print in 32x28;32x24;32x28 wood is $850.00, metal $810.00.
OR a 32 x 96 inch unmounted Satin Cloth print is $265.00.
Many other sizes available; Call to order  503-625-7937
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This Oregon Basin Range panorama, a Crump Lake picture, shows an Oregon Wetland scenic in front of Hart Mountain.  All of our photos are maintained in digital format.  They are also available as small web files or large files suitable for wall prints.

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Hart Mountain Scenic
Oregon's Basin Range picture

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