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Twin Falls Idaho Panorama Painting
Shoshone Falls in Spring

Shoshone Falls in Spring Panorama; Twin Falls Idaho picture sold as framed art, canvas or digital files
©1327 Shoshone Falls State Park in Spring Painting
Copyright 2014 Strength in Perspective

Abundant flowing water from the Idaho River
from Painterly Waterscapes

Point Arena Lighthouse available as

22 x 49 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $230.00
30 x 65 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $345.00
33 x 74 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $435.00
*36 x 80 inch gallery wrap canvas print is $470.00
*(Special arrangements must be made for delivery )

More CANVAS information

24 x 53 inch unmounted Satin Cloth print is $160.00
Many other sizes available; Call to order  503-625-7937
We take PayPal or personal check.

      Our panoramas are state of the art!  Our VERY high resolution print process captures the widest gamut of color tones. We use  stable long lasting pigment inks for prints that last and last.  

       This Shoshone Falls, Waterfalls painting,  began as a  photo taken on our journey to capture Idaho.  The flow of the Idaho River is spectacular in Spring...agriculture is blessed.


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Shoshone Falls Panorama
Idaho Springtime water Flow

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