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Gallery 43


Oregon Map - Mt. Hood from Portland
©0395m Ban Corp at Sunrise
Oregon - Water Skiier sunset - Willametter River
©0392m Willamette River at Dusk
Over  mountains, on rivers
From the deserts to the ocean,
Past fields, through valleys,
During spring or winter,
At sunrise of Oregon

Travel Oregon - Pueblo Mountains near the Alvord Desert
©0401m Pueblo Mts - Fields, OR
See Oregon - sunrise on the Alvord Desert
©0402m Sunrise on Alvord Desert
Oregon Map - sunset sky in Bend
©0403m Bend's Pink Sky

11x14 inch Oregon MAT with scenic

Flags on Cannon Beach honoring 9/11  ocean
©0404m Flags at
Cannon Beach
Travel Oregon - Cape Blanco State Park - Pacific Ocean
©0405m Cape Blanco
Oregon Scenery -sunset at Haystack Rock near Cannon Beach
©0335m Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

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A painting of Rex Hill Winery grape fields
©0043m   Painting
Oregon Map - sunrise over grape fields - Willamette Valley
©0037m   Morning
sundown in the Willamette Valley
©0406m The Willamette Valley

Oregon Map - day old Muscovy duck
©0407m   Muscovy-One Day Old
Frozen monolith at Wallowa Lake in winter
©0408m   Snow at Wallowa Lake
  During spring...
  During winter...

Oregon Map - sunrise and Mt. Hood
©0409m   Mt Hood
Oregon Scenery -sunset at Nyssa near Ontario
©0005m   Nyssa Sunset
  At sunrise...
  At sunset...

Travel Oregon!!!

Choose any image from our Oregon scenery to emphasize your favorite Oregon location.     We will provide a color coordinated Oregon Mat.

Oregon Map - Horses at the Manzanita Dunes
©0341m Horses - Manzanita Dunes
Oregon Scenery - Sunny Heceta Head Lighthouse
©0438m   Sunny Heceta
Oregon Map - Gorse at Bandon Lighthouse
©0410m   Gorse at Bandon Light
Oregon Scenery - Newport Boats in Dock
©0349m   Newport Boats at Dock

Oregon Map - Tom McCall Preserve - Columbia Gorge
©0148m Tom McCall Preserve
Oregon Scenery - Mt Hood at Lost Lake in Hood River
©0143m Mt Hood -
Lost Lake
Oregon Map - Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge
©146m Multnomah
Multnomah Falls Restaurant and Visitor Center
©512m Visit  Multnomah Falls

Portland Night Lights including Portland Convention Center
©0394m Portland Night Lights
Oregon Map - Washington Park's Rose Garden
©0163m  City of
Oregon Scenery - Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport
©0440m Yaquina Bridge Sunset
Oregon Map - Portland Skyline - very pink sunset
©0167m   Portland
Pink Sky

This unique Gallery of Oregon scenery is designed to offer a gift for a friend or a visitor to our state.

The mats are custom prepared on the Eclipse mat cutter in our studio.
An Oregon map, 11" by14", surrounds each Oregon scene.

E-mail  to order your favorite for only $19.95. 
Includes Oregon map mat over mounted print ... Postage additional.

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