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Hawaii The Big Isle Painterly Photo
©1096 Bamboo-Botannical Tropical Garden

Hawaii Big Isle Painting; Bamboo at Botannical Tropical Garden near Hilo

A canvas hanging really is a very nice way to go!

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Not only does a canvas have unique texture, strong color yet high detail...the framed image is lightweight and easy to hang or move to a new location as needed. Framed canvas images cost less to ship than a matted picture framed under glass.

This computer assisted painting of Bamboo on Hawaii's big island printed on canvas has been sprayed with durable UV protection multiple times and hand brushed with a tough lacquer to make it water & fingerprint resistant.

Click here for more information about canvas treatment.

Here are prices for Gallery wrap canvas on 1" stretcher frame.
Instantly Ready to hang !!


For other options...Email Marilyn Peck or  call Paul  503-625-7937

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