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Gallery 8


Iris Azalea Mock Orange Rose Lily Dahlia Caladium

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Backlit Dahlia-spectacular on canvas
©0792 Backlit Dahlia
Mock Orange
©1043 Mock Orange Flowers

This Gallery is all about


Caladium leaf is glowing
©0464 Caladium Glow
These lilies GLOW when printed
©1065 Oh Lily

Natures most showy trick...
blended with Computer Effects

Pink Rose Flowers Stock photograph
©0556 Jeri's Rose
Caladium - This image can be printed HUGE
©0546 Amazing Caladium

Iris painting - Iris with complementary colors
Iris Painterly Photo
©0094 Complements
Iris painting - Soft irises on a delicate background
Iris Painterly Photo
©0095 Smokin'
Iris painting - Close examination of soft white iris
Flowers stock photographs
©0096 Petals

Iris painting - Delicate blue iris with digital effect ONLY in background
Iris Painterly Photo
©0097 Blue Iris
Flowers Stock photograph - Old fashioned azalea from Brookings Azalea Park
Flower  photographs ©0463 Brookings Azalea
Iris painting - Custom made to co-ordinate with the Benetello Bedspread!
Iris Painterly Photo
©0097a Benetello

iris field picture - Flowers stock photograph - Schreiner's field in Woodburn, OR
Iris field pictures
©0098 Schreiner's Field-Woodburn,OR
Mock Orange Bush with Creamy flower swirls; Flower Stock Photograph
Flower Stock Photographs
©0179 Creamy Mock Orange

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