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Gallery 5


Amiga Fractal Geometry
With additional cleverness

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Fractal geometry - rendered pattern mapped to jug shape using Virtual Reality program
 ©0052 Dancing Jugs
Fractal geometry - butterfly wing
©0053 Butterfly Wing
Fractal pattern rendered as a cube shape using Virtual Reality program
©0054 Cubes

Serpinski's Carpet; play on words to honor Fractal mathematician
©0055 Sierpinski's Carpet
The Julia set; play on words to honor fractal mathematician
©0056 The Julia Set
Koch's snowflake; play on words to honor fractal mathematician
©0057 Koch's Snowflake

palm tree drawing with fractal coast
©0058 Chocolate Coast
brown fractal fish
©0059 Bottom Fish
commonly seen Fractal geometry - rendered image like satin
©0060 Red Satin

fractal fir tree great for Christmas card
©0061 Fractal Forest: Firs
Fractal art - fractal snag
©0062 Fractal Forest: Snags
fractal woods  woodland
©0063 Fractal Forest: Woods

rendered picture - autumn leaves
©0064 Autumn Leaves
rendered picture - Fractal looks like Christmas ornament or a boot
©0066 Christmas Boot
rendered picture - Fractal looks like green spiral galaxy
©0065 Green Spiral

Fractal looks like a fern
©0361 Fern
Mandelbrot Mountain Cartoon
©0066b Mandelbrot Mountain
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This Gallery is all about fractal heros. Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term fractal in the mid 70's.  Soon fractal art became a passion as rendered pictures were so beautiful.  We honor Mandelbrot's observation that everyday objects such as coastlines   Chocolate Coast ,  snowflakes, clouds, leaves  Fractal Forest,    and mountain ranges  are described by fractal geometry.
          Fractals create rendered pictures by seemingly infinite iterations of formulas that contain complex numbers.  Much has been written of these fractal formulas and the men that devised them, symbolized here by the Fractal Library... Sierpinski's Carpet ,    The Julia Set    and  Koch's Snowflake.
          When combining fractal formulas and the force of computer generation, many patterns develop.  Sections of self-similarity, the trademark of a fractal,  are found in  Butterfly Wing, Bottom Fish, Cubes, Dancing Jugs, Green Spiral, Autumn Leaves, Christmas Boot, Red Satin, Fern.

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