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Book 3 "Digital Art Collections"
 Overview and Picture Titles for each gallery

Canvas Painterly Photos
 Painterly Waterscapes
A Gallery of  Water... flowing, oscillating, restfully motionless...in pools, in waves, in reservoirs.

Gallery wrapped canvas for wall art, hand brushed and ready to hang

Beargrass at Big Lake Campground,National Creek Falls, National Falls Creek, Golden Gold Beach Oregon,Topaz Lake Nevada to California, Winooski River in Vermont, Lochas River Idaho Rafters,Shore Acres Landforms, Moose River-New York's Aidirondack Mountains, Astoria Bridge Sunset,Bandon Lighthouse in the Morning,Shoshone Falls in Spring-Magic Valley Idaho,Oregon's Unforgetable Coast, Sailing the Colulmbia,Natural Bridge in Samuel Boardman SP,Owyhee Reservoir Beneath Mitchell Butte,Boiling Pots in Wailuki SP, Hilo Hawaii,Fountain at Crystal Springs Lake-the Rhododendron Garden
Canvas Painterly Photos
 Flamingo Paintings
A Gallery of American (Caribbean), Chilean and Greater flamingos.

Unique multi-processed images using camera, computer, and hand brush painting techniques techniques

American Flamingos Run at San Diego Zoo, Flamingo Dancer at San Diego Zoo, Flamingo Beak, American Flamingos San Diego Zoo (Curl),White Flamingo Sky -Greater Flamingo, Crested ScreamerProtects Chilean Flamingos,  Chilean Flamingo Rest, Fluffy Chilean Flamingos, Sequoia Zoo,  Eureka CA,Flamingo Fishing Sequoia Zoo, Eureka CA, Greater Flamingo at Disney Animal Kingdom, Chilean Flamingos Trust Crested Screamer, Chilean Flamingo Reflections - Florida, Chilean Flamingo Portrait, Chilean Flamingo Ballet  - Winston, Oregon
Fractal Art
Fractal Geometry
A Gallery of fractal art - generated fractals - some are combined into 3 dimensional scenes

Fractal Forest SET: The Firs, The Snags, The Woods, Butterfly Wing, Chocolate Coast, Bottom Fish, Sierpinski Carpet, The Julia Set-, Koch's Snowflake, Dancing Jugs, Cubes, Autumn Leaves, Christmas Boot, Mandelbrot Mountain, Green Spiral, Red Satin, Fern
Framed Art
Nature Park
This Gallery is an Oregon Woodland enhanced with a unique computer effect;  interesting Pacific Northwest framed art.
The Boat, Snow, Ice, The Path, The Leaves, The Brook, The Heron, The Canoe, Praying Mantis, The Dragonfly, Squirrel in a Tree, The Naturalist, Moss, Mushroom, Shelf Fungus
Framed Abstract Art
Spring Delight
A Gallery of flower pictures: irises,roses, caladium leaves, azaleas, Mock Orange,
Mock Orange, Lily
Schreiner's Iris Field, Petals, Smokin' Iris, Compliment, Benetello, Blue Iris, Jeri's Rose, Caladium Glow, Amazing Caladium, Brookings Azalea, Backlit Dahlia,
Mock Orange Flowers, Oh Lily
Framed Abstract Art
Stained Glass Flowers
A Gallery of flower pictures -  simulated stained glass using computer graphics of tulips, roses,  and vases
The Red Vase, The Rose, Many Tulips, The Face, Daylily, In Memory of..., Apple Blossom, Bouquet, Rhododendron

Framed Pacific Northwest Art 
Happy Valentine's Day
A Gallery of unique Valentines.  They are wall art landscapes with heart shaped mats.   A Valentine for all year long.

Love Portland's Pink Sky, Love Mt Rainier, Love Red Satin Fractal, Love Willamette River Sunset, Love Fremont Bridge, Love Hawaii Vacation, Love Portland Sunrise, Love Mt. Hood Sunrise, Love Farm Life, Love Salmon Street Fountain, Love Painted Hills, Love Mukilteo Lighthouse, Love Yellowstone, Love that Pelican!, Love Japanese Maple, Love Tulips, Love Lovers, Love Pond Reeds, Love Sailing
Framed Pacific Northwest Art
 Travel Oregon
Popular locations in Oregon framed in an Oregon Map

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Willamette River at Dusk, Nyssa Sunset, Painting, Morning, Pueblo Mountains-Fields, Oregon, Ban Corp at Sunrise, Sunrise on Alvord Desert, Bend's Pink Sky, Flags at Cannon Beach, Cape Blanco Grasses, The Willamette Valley, Muscovy,One Day Old, Snow at Wallowa Lake, Mt. Hood
Framed Art
A Gallery of early digital art made on the Amiga computer in the 80's.

Reflection SET: Ocean, Bird, Bandon Lighthouse, Windmill,  Eclipse,Nature Park Barn Puffy,The Barn,A Sunrise,Vista,Moon Rising, Moontime, Jeri Dreaming, The Lighthouse, , Bars, California House,Morning,Rays,Stairs, The Dancer, Reeds
Framed Abstract Art
These COLORFUL digital art images are printed on porous watercolor paper. They are Inspired by occidental zodiac signs.

The Author, Becoming Leo, Becoming Sagittarius, Becoming Aries, Becoming Gemini, Becoming Taurus, Becoming Virgo, Becoming Pisces, Becoming Capricorn, Becoming Cancer, Becoming Libra, Becoming Aquarius, Becoming Scorpio

Paul and Marilyn Peck
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