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Gallery 9


15 pictures including John Day Fossil Beds

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The Painted Hills
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0099 The Painted Hills
Painted Hills National Monument Panorama
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0099A Painted Hills National Monument Panorama
John Day River
Eastern Oregon
©0102 John Day River
Malheur Aspens
Eastern Oregon
©0103 Malheur Aspens
Cathedral Rock
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0104 Cathedral Rock
Wheat Beneath the Blue Mountains
Oregon's Blue Mountains
©0545 Wheat Beneath the Blue Mountains
Clarno Fossil Beds
Oregon's Blue Mountains
©0105 Clarno Fossil Beds
Ochoco Ranch
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0106 Ochoco Ranch
Mining Cement
Oregon's Blue Mountains
©0107 Mining Cement
Ochoco Forest
Ponderosa Pine
©0108 Ochoco Forest
Velvet Hills
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0109 Velvet Hills
Sheeprock Soil
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0110 Sheeprock Soil
La Grande Canola Field
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0111 La Grande Canola Field
Strawberry Mt: Strawberry Barn
Oregon's Blue Mountains ©0112 Strawberry Mt: Strawberry Barn
Ukiah Antler's Inn
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©0113 Ukiah Antler's Inn (antlers!!)

This gallery is areas in and by Oregon's Blue Mountains.
Eastern Oregon pictures take the mind to a unique space. Stretching from Oregon's northern border  through La Grande,  Ukiah,  John Day to Prineville are Oregon's Blue Mountains.   One's eye may journey past the yellow glow of   "LaGrande Canola Fields"  and then the stark vision of what was once  "Mining Cement".
      "Ukiah's Antler Inn"gives a flavor of the unique character of a country town.  One sees John Day's  "Strawberry Mountain:Strawberry Barn" enjoying morning sun;   "John Day River Twilight"  honors day's colorful end.  Heading toward Prineville, the  "Malheur Aspens"  shout this forest's color...then the pines of the  "Ochoco Forest"  are seen producing the protective armor around an "Ochoco Ranch".
      Admire the  "Wheat Beneath the Blue Mts"  and then it's off to see the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, vistas of past volcanism and a history lesson written in stone, attract the curious viewer.   "The Painted Hills"  show eroded red ash;  as you draw closer, its  "Velvet Hills" and "Sheep Rock Soil"  paint a quiet feeling of the area.  Hills of "Clarno Fossil Beds"  surrender to the Paleontology pick while "Cathedral Rock"  reveals badland formations that make up this unique space.
      The Blue Mountains were named by early settlers who saw mountains bathed in the smokey fires set by the Indians.  A rich visual experience awaited them as it does anyone who visits Blue Mountains pictures now.

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Blue Mountain's Map

Location of Blue Mts Oregon

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