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Gallery 41

Oregon High Lava Plains

19 High Desert - Cascades Photos

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Mt. Bachelor (9,065 feet) with Snow,  Three Sisters (Faith, Hope, Charity)
©0387 Mt. Bachelor and the Three Sisters
Broken Top (9,175 feet), South Sister Faith (10,358 feet), Middle Sister Hope (10,047 feet),
		   North Sister Charity (10,085 feet)
©0389 Broken Top and Three Sisters
Great place for rock climbing or just scenic views of deep river canyons in this painterly picture
©1337 Smith Rock Valley
The High Desert of Oregon
These images of lava, mountains, lakes, rivers and flowers are available as gallery wrap canvas or a matted, framed photo for wall art. Click on each picture for a larger view.
Lake Billy Chinook (Metolius, Crooked and Deschutes Rivers dump into South End)
©0549 Lake
Billy Chinook
Pink sky sunset at Bend
©0403 Bend's
Pink Sky
Road leads to South Sister, Bend Oregon
©0551 Winding to South Sister
Paulina Creek Falls as it flows from Newberry Crater
©1338 Paulina Falls - Bend
Scarlet Paintbrush (Indian Paintbrush)on Paulina Peak in Central Oregon
©1339 Scarlet Paintbrush
Obsidian Flow on Paulina Peak in Central Oregon
©1341 Obsidian Flow
A volcanic fissure over two miles long in Lake County Oregon
©1342 Crack
in the Ground
In 1988 the waters were receding and cracked mud was plentiful
©1343 Malheur Drought
National Wildlife Reserve
13 Oregon Counties experience a
devastating drought. This is the lake
bed of Burn's Malheur Lake in 1988.
This fort is an old tuff ring - compacted pyroclastic deposits
©1340 Fort Rock
Lava flows including tree molds from lava burning through a tree and cooling into casts
©1345 Lava Cast Forest
Pompous Cloud over Mt. Bachelor; Bend Oregon
©0547 Mt Bachelor Power
Panorama of Bend Oregon from Pilot Butte (4,140 feet)
©0400 The City of Bend from Pilot Butte
Black Butte in the Fog  - Ochoco National Forest
©0791 Black Butte in the fog - Ochoco National Forest
Llama farm in Sisters Oregon and the Three Sisters mountains
©0388 Ranching Beneath Broken Top and the Three Sisters
Paulina Lake and East Lake seen from the top of Paulina Peak(7,984 feet)in Newberry National Volcanic Monument
©1344 Paulina Lake
East Lake Bend
Very old baby deer still suckles mother-Deschuttes National Forest
©0832 Nursing Deer in the Squaw Creek Pines

This High Lava Plains gallery is also called  the  Oregon High Desert.   For those who love wide open spaces, interesting geologic formations, mountain peaks and over 300 days of sunshine, this is the place for you!
    Whether  "Ranching Beneath Broken Top and the Three Sisters" or "Winding to South Sister" ... bird watching at "Malheur National Wildlife Reserve" or viewing "Paulina Lake and East Lake", it's ALL scenic.
    The  "Smith Rock Valley" at Smith Rock State Park near Terrebonne  is a rock climber's paradise.  For a bit of geology,  go to "Fort Rock" , south east of La Pine,  or Newberry National Volcanic Monument (54,000 acres).   You'll see  "Obsidian Flow" and other volcanic features with "Scarlet Paintbrush" dappling the way.  The "Lava Cast Forest", "Crack in the Ground"and "Mt Bachelor and the Three Sisters" will round out your heady trip. 
      "Black Butte in the Fog - Ochoco National Forest” signals how remote the area is;
but a drive up Pilot Butte to view the "City of Bend" or a trek to "Lake Billy Chinook" will dash that remote feeling.
    What a great day of exploration.

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