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Gallery 15 Pt2

9 Rogue and Metolius  Photographs

Oregon Wild and Scenic River pictures

Rogue River Gorge - made from collapsed lava tubes
Rogue River pictures
©0497 Gorge at the Rogue River

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High in the Cascade Mountains...the Rogue River
Rogue River pictures
©0201 The Rumbling Rogue
Fisherman on Metolius River
The Metolius River
©0603 Fishing the Metolius River
Metolius recreation; cabin campground
The Metolius River
©0604 Cabins on Metolius River
Springs of Cascades create Metolius River
©0606 Headwaters of the Metolius River  Mt Jefferson
the Rogue River goes through Cascade, Siskiyou and Coast Ranges dumping into Ocean at Gold Beach
Rogue River pictures
©0607 Rogue River Gorge Falls
The Rogue starts inside Crater Lake National Park; this is outside the park
Rogue River pictures
©0608 Headwaters of Rogue River
Oregon has more National Wild and Scenic Rivers than any other state... 44 in number!

Wizard Falls on the Metolius River
©0605 Wizard Falls -
The Metolius River
Artisitic softness of the Rogue River at the Rogue River Gorge
Rogue River pictures
©0609 Rogue River Flowing

This Gallery is... The Metolius  and Rogue Rivers are some of the greatest finds in Oregon.  Such raw power found in soft leafy woods!
     The headwaters of the Rogue River is found in Crater Lake National Park . The Rogue River Gorge is a surprise since it is made from collapsed lava tubes and NOT by erosion by the force of the stream.

     Springs burst from beneath the Cascade mountains to make the headwaters of the Metolius River.  The flows gather together and soon they invent the delight of fishermen and camper alike.  Mt Jefferson is in the distance and nicely visible on a clear day.

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