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Gallery 27


Roseburg-Wild Elk-Toketee-Watson Falls

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Fisherwoman on the Umpqua River
©0952 Fisherwoman on the Umpqua River
Fisherman on the Umpqua River -North and South Umpqua Rivers merge
Umpqua River Valley-North&South Umpqua ©0953 Fisherman on the Umpqua River
Upper Klamath Lake Egret visits Umpqua River Valley
Umpqua River Valley Photos
©0944 Snowy Egret-Upper Klamath Lake
Rochester Covered Bridge across Calapooya Creek-built in 1933, 80'
Roseburg   ©0958 Rochester
Covered Bridge
Red barn and cattle at Glide Oregon
Umpqua River Valley
©0948 Living in Glide
Toketee Falls on the Rogue Umpqua Byway
Rogue Umpqua Byway
©0936  Toketee Falls (Graceful)
Herbert's Pond-Douglas County Park
Umpqua  Photos
©0943 Herbert's Pond-Douglas County
Fisherwoman removing fish from Umpqua River
Umpqua River Valley photos
©0952a Fisherwoman  (Umpqua)
Umpqua Valley Smoke
©0946 Umpqua Valley-Twists of Smoke
Clearwater Falls Umpqua National Forest
©0938 Clearwater Falls Umpqua National Forest
Umpqua River from Tyee Road
©0937 Umpqua River from Tyee Road (to Reedsport)
North Umpqua River and Fisherman
Umpqua River Valley
©0940 North Umpqua River and Fisherman
Goats on the Banks of the North Umpqua River
Umpqua Valley Wildlife
©0957 Goats on the Banks of the Umpqua
Grape Vineyard by Singleton Park
Umpqua Vineyard
©0955 Awash in Grapes
near Singleton Park
Toketee Falls Vertical
Rogue Umpqua Byway
©0936a Toketee Falls
Umpqua National Forest - Rogue Umpqua Byway
Rogue Umpqua Byway
©0942 Umpqua Forest
Watson Falls - Umpqua National Forest
Umpqua National Forest
©0939 Majestic Watson Falls
Watson Falls entire - Umpqua National Forest - 294 feet fall
Umpqua National Forest
©0945 Watson Falls 272ft
Sunset at Winchester Bay Marina
Umpqua River photograph ©0959
Sunset at Winchester Bay-Reedsport
Umpqua Valley Roosevelt Elk near Reedsport
Umpqua Valley Wildlife
©0956 Roosevelt Elk-Reedsport
Map of the Umpqua Valley
Umpqua Valley Map

Winston Wildlife Safari-Nilgai-South African Antelope
Umpqua Valley Wildlife
©0947 Family Portrait of Nilgai-Winston  Safari
Winston Wildlife Safari lions
Umpqua Valley Wildlife
©0949 Lions at the Wildlife Safari
Falls at dam on the Umpqua River
©0941 Roseburg's Umpqua River Falls

This Gallery is the story of the Umpqua River Valley.The Snowy Egret soars through the Umpqua Valley, only minutes from Upper Klamath Lake which she calls home. The Umpqua Indians, for whom this land is named, were FAR from their home in Canada when they migrated to this Indian Paradise 1000 years ago. Since then there has always been a Fisherman on the Umpqua…and not uncommonly, a fisherwoman on the Umpqua.
          Vineyards, Cattle ranches, vegetables and fruit orchards populate this area known as the “Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua”. This geography, hillsides, ponds and river drainages, sends water to the ocean…calm water seen from Tyee Road to crashing waterfalls of the Rogue-Umpqua Byway. There are 3 major waterfalls in the Umpqua National Forest, accessible by the Rogue Umpqua Byway.  They are  the vigorous Clearwater Falls... the tallest (272 feet) Watson Falls...and the prettiest, and graceful Toketee Falls.  Little River and the North Umpqua join near Glide at "Colliding Rivers" with thrashing waves in the winter.
          Winston’s Wildlife Safari  provides an opportunity for animals like the largest Asian antelope to thrive and the plump sleepy eyed lion to rest.  Near Reedsport, the Dean Wildlife Viewing Center caters to a large number of Roosevelt Elk often seen just before nightfall.
          If you are in the mood for the idyllic or the robust…a romp in the woods…or an afternoon of fishing…the extraordinary Umpqua River Valley has it all.

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