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Gallery 68


18 painterly photos from around the state

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Colorful California hills Bear Valley Wildlife Meadows
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1353 Bear Valley Wildlife Meadows (Williams CA)
Abstract Art Work Sunset Oak Tree
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1347 Modesto Woodland Valley Oak
Whitney Portal -gateway to Mount Whitney
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1392 Sierra Nevadas: Fall Color at Whitney Portal
California's Redwood National Forest
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1346 Reflections Yosemite Falls
Burney Falls Lassen National Forest Painting
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1352a Burney Falls Lassen NF CA (Cezanne)
Burney Falls Lassen National Forest Photo
 Photo: Inland
©1352 Burney Falls Lassen NF CA
Sierra Nevada Peaks panorama Painting
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1348 Sierra Nevada Peaks near Devil's Postpile
Russian River Jenner Bay Sunset
Painterly Photo: Coast
©1391 Jenner Bay Sunset
on the Russian River
Windswept trees on path to Point Reyes
Painterly Photo: Coast
©1385 Windswept Trees on Point Reyes Path
Climber on top of Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1393 Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree NP
El Dorado Hills in Gold Country
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1388 El Dorado Hills in the Gold Country
Autumn on an upper branch of the Kaweah River in California
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1395 Kaweah River in Autumn
Greenwood Pier Inn near Elk California
 Painterly Photo: Coast
©1389 Greenwood Pier Inn-Elk, CA
California's Central Valley Almond Fields in bloom
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1387 Central Valley Almond Fields (S of Sacremento)
A  California Bougainvillea in Santa Barbara
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1390 Santa Barbara Bougainvillea
Montara Lighthouse hostel and Wildflowers
Painterly Photo: Coast
©1386 Montara Lighthouse Wildflowers
Los Angeles, California - Twilight on the Pacific Ocean
Painterly Photo: Coast
©1394 Los Angeles Ocean Twilight
Laytonville, California's Colorful Autumn Hillside of Oaks
Painterly Photo: Inland
©1382 Laytonville Hillside in Fall

This Gallery is all about the Diversity of California. For a part of the state that is more or less pristine, you could go to Bear Valley or find the state's most beautiful waterfall or see our painting in the style of Cezanne or in the early Spring enjoy an almond bloom, or maybe visit the Gold Country at El Dorado Hills or check out a town once called Greenwood but now called Elk.    
          You could find where The Russian River finally gets to the Pacific Ocean at Jenner for a sunset, or examine Joshua Tree National Park for large rocks, and check the Kaweah River for Autumn color, or find the colorful oak trees near Laytonville.
          You could find a lighthouse at Point Montara Point that came from Boston , or watch the ocean at twilight. Or look for exciting trees like this Modesto Oak, or maybe go to Yosemite to see the waterfalls. You could look for bougainvillea in Santa Barbara, or enjoy the Winter snows and the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, or look for Mount Whitney at Whitney Portal, or if you like the coast best, check out Point Reyes.

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