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Gallery 48


Mt Shuksan - Mt Baker - Nooksack River - Snoqualmie NF

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Washington's North Cascades -  Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
©0500   Mt.  Shuksan Panorama
Snoqualmie Pass Forest Picture
©0932 Snoqualmie Pass in Mt Baker Snoqualmie NF
North Cascade Mountain Tops in Okanogan NF from Hwy 97
©0890 North Cascades in the Okanogan National Forest
Scene from North Cascades Scenic Highway
©0892 North Cascades Scenic Highway
Washington's North Cascades - Snoqualmie forest near Bellingham
©0596 Snoqualmie Forest
North of Sedro Wooley close to Wickersham; Twin Sisters in Washington's North Cascades
©0595 Twin Sisters Mountains
Cascadian Farm Roadside Stand near Rockport WA
©0732 Cascadian Farm

Skagit River of the North Cascades...also in Gal #46 HUGE Landscapes
©0507 Skagit River in N Cascades

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Mt Baker - pumpkin patch in Everett, Washington
©0510 Mt Baker -  Pumpkin Patch

Rasar Park near Sedro Wooley in Skagit County
©0801 Rasar Park#2-Old Growth
Rasar Park near Sedro Wooley in Skagit County
©0802 Rasar Park#3-Old Growth
Rasar Park near Sedro Wooley in Skagit County
©0452 Rasar Park#1-Old Growth
Bagley Lakes is near Mt. Baker
©0499 Bagley Lakes-Mt Baker
Nooksack River - North Cascades in the background
©0594 N Fork of the Nooksack River
Nooksack River - Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest
©0501 Nooksack River - Mt. Baker
Snoqualmie State Park PSE= Puget Sound Energy is the hydroelectric dam
©0633 Salish Lodge - Snoqualmie Falls
West Base area of the Snoqualmie Ski Lodge in Snoqualmie Pass
©0634 Cascades at Snoqualmie Pass

This gallery is a tribute to Washington's North Cascades. The landscape of the North Cascades is bounded by the Fraser River on the north, the Okanogan Highlands and Columbia Plateau on the east, Stevens Pass to the south, and the Puget lowlands to the west. Mountains, rising nearly from sea level, are the signature of this magnificent place. Fifteen peaks tower over 9,000 feet while nearly 300 rise in elevation between 7,000 and 9,000 feet.
Torrents of water fall as rain and snow here, and as a result, 519 glaciers cover over 90 square miles between Snoqualmie Pass and the Canadian border. Lakes nestle in tight pockets between sharp, often serrated ridges.

North Cascades National Park is in northern Washington State. It’s a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers and lakes. The North Cascades Highway passes viewpoints and leads to trails such as the steep Thunder Creek Trail. Boats dot Ross Lake. The park shelters grizzly bears and gray wolves, plus more than 200 bird species.

Yes, we took our pictures from the road instead of the many trails that are used by a few visitors (around 2500) each year.

from "Compelling Landscapes" Gallery 48.

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