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Gallery 16


11 Moscow ID - Spokane - Grangeville Pictures

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Home on the Palouse with Wheat Field
©0203,0204,0205 Home on the Palouse
Eastern Washington
Northwest Idaho
Farm Photography

The Palouse River runs into Snake River at Lyons Ferry State Pk North of Starbuck
Snake River Photos
©0210 Lyons Ferry State Park
sunset on a Palouse Country Farm west of Colfax
Palouse Farm
©0215 Sunset on the Palouse
Snake River Photos - Union Pacific Railroad Bridge over Snake River by Lyons Ferry
Snake River Photos
©0214 Lyons Ferry Railroad Bridge
Grain harvest with 2 wheat combines near Moscow, ID
©0209 The Harvest (textured)
Nez Perce Indian forest rain; rain clouds in Western Idaho
©0208 Rain-Nez Perce Forest
Palouse Falls Rainbow sparkle light (West on Hwy 261) North of Dayton
©0207 Palouse Falls
Lewiston Idaho on the Clearwater River
©0211 Lewiston-Clarkston pt1
Lewiston and Clarkston on Snake and Clearwater Rivers
©0212 Lewiston-Clarkston pt2
Snake River Photos - Clarkston Washington on the Snake River
©0213 Lewiston-Clarkston pt3
Spring Snow in Moscow Idaho farm
©0216 A Spring Snow
Riverfront Park, Spokane Marathon Runners statues
©0217 A Spring Run
Grangeville, Idaho Canola field
©0206 A Mile of Canola

Glacial dust...30 feet deep!!!  The rolling fields of loess soil create  spectacular  Northwest Idaho and Eastern Washington framed art.  Those who contour farm these fields call this space their  "Home on the Palouse".   Grain bins burst during "The Harvest".  Rain falls on the "Nez Perce Forest" ensuring abundance where the soil allows. "A Mile of Canola"  dots the landscape as yet another crop heads for America's cook pot.
        All seems well during a "Sunset on the Palouse",  yet memories of the hardship of
 "A Spring Snow"  share space in the townspeople's consciousness. 
       The Palouse River races down the "Palouse Falls", sparkling in clean sharp light and then melts beneath pompous clouds as it blends with the Snake River at "Lyons Ferry Park".  The "Lyons Ferry Bridge" points to "Lewiston on the Clearwater and Clarkston on the Snake".
       Could the "Spring Run" in Spokane's Riverfront Park be those heading to these lovely hills? 

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