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Sabinal River - Live Oak - Galveston Photos

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Longhorn Cattle are extremely hearty and have a gentle disposition
©1033 Hill Country: Texas Contentment - Longhorn Cow
    Hill Country

Sabinal River with Bald Cypress Trees - Utopia Texas
The Lone Star State
©1018 Hill Country:
Sabinal River with Bald Cypress Trees - Utopia, TX
small Texas Map
This Texas map is of different areas of Texas  and shows where the pictures were taken.

            Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Sanctuary

Hill Country:  Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Austin Tx
©1031 Hill Country:
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Austin, TX
Hill Country:  Lady Bird Johnson Trumpet Vines
©1030 Hill Country:  Lady Bird Johnson Trumpet Vines  Austin, TX
Thorn Crested Agave...native to Texas...Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Sanctuary
  ©1036 Hill Country:
Thorn Crested Agave
Austin, TX

Piney Woods

Log Loader at Forestry Museum -  Lufkin TX
©1037 Piney Woods: Log Loader at Forestry Museum -  Lufkin, TX
Gay Feather Azalea -Nacogdoches University; Ruby M. Mize Azalea Gardens
©1041 Piney Woods: Gay Feather Azalea -Nacogdoches University
Gulf Coast:  Galveston Houses on Stilts adjacent to beaches of Gulf of Mexico
The Lone Star State
©1028 Gulf Coast:  Galveston Houses on Stilts
Gulf Coast

Galveston Surfer in the Gulf of Mexico  Atlantic Ocean on Spring Break
©1025 Gulf Coast: Galveston Surfer in the Gulf of Mexico
Half Moon Reef Lighthouse - Port Lavaca
©1035 Gulf Coast: Half Moon Reef Lighthouse - Port Lavaca
Javelina (Collared Peccary) Texas Zoo in Victoria
©1024 Gulf Coast: Javelina (Collared Peccary) Victoria, TX
American Alligator - endangered as this fresh water creature looks too much like the dreaded Crocodile
©1027 Gulf Coast:
American Alligator
(fresh water)
Live Oak Tree in Victoria Texas
©1021 Gulf Coast:  Live Oak Tree in Victoria, TX

San Jacinto Monument - Houston Texas. TALLER than the Washington Monument
©1019 Gulf Coast:
San Jacinto Monument
Houston, TX

This Gallery is:   Gunshot fire in Gonzales, a small town in the heart of texas, proclaimed the Texas Revolution had begun. The Texas War of Independence riled against the rule of Mexico; Texas had had two stars on their flag...(one for its sister city in Mexico) but on March 2, 1836, Texas became the Lone Star State...Santa Anna had been defeated.  The last battle, fought at San Jacinto, east of Houston, is commemorated with a monolith taller than the "Washington Monument"!  But Independence did not last.  By 1845, Texas had been annexed by the United States.
         Texas has an immense variety of Geographic features.  There's the Topography of  The Texas Panhandle,  Big Bend, The Hill Country, The Gulf Coast, The Piney Woods, Prairies & Lakes and The South Texas Plains.  Cattle, grain, oil, and abundant cactus are found in Texas.
         The Rio Grande river is the border with Mexico; the Amistad Reservoir (dam in Del Rio captures the Rio Grande) delivers water to both sides of the border.  It's a National Recreation area allowing fishing, scuba diving and boating. Incredible Yucca  (New Mexico State Flower) thrive in this area.  They are also called "Lamps of the Lord" for their mass of white flowers.
         The heartland of Texas, The Hill Country, is home to two of the major population centers in Texas....San Antonio and Austin.   North of Austin, under the auspices of the University of Texas at Austin, is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Sanctuary. It's a unique public botanical garden devoted EXCLUSIVELY to native plants.  West of Austin,  the Sabinal River meanders through the tiny town Utopia, TX...named for its fantastic climate.
           The Piney Woods in East Texas has long been the site of logging 4 species of pine; the Logging Museum in Lufkin has a Log loader... technology still found in use today.  This area  is also home to  Nacogdoches University...the only non-sectarian University stemming from the days (1845) when Texas was it's own country!  The warm, wet climate nurtures the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Gardens adjacent to the campus.
          It's an unusual sight to see large, complex homes on stilts to protect against the occasional tropical cyclone which can raise the water nearly 20 feet.  Even the Lighthouse stands on long legs.   But the  Javelinas, surfers, and even Live Oaks take the winds of the Atlantic in stride finding 86 degree water irresistible!

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