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Rent Framed Pictures

Rent an entire Gallery or just one picture.
Call 503-625-7937 or E-mail us.
We rent in the greater  Portland, Oregon area .

Very Modest Pricing:

Rent photos - rent paintings:  an entire 16 picture gallery for $50/month
Rent fewer than 8 pictures  for $25/month
Rent a 3 part triptych for $25/month; panoramas for  $25/month
Each Photo Gallery includes:

5-7 large prints
(usually 16" X 20" prints in 22" X 26" frames or larger)
8-10 medium size prints (usually 11" X 15" prints in 16" X 20" frames).
1-2 Panorama or triptych (3 pictures that hang side by side to make 1 large scene)
1 plaque describing where we photographed the images in the gallery

Our new galleries will all be gallery wrap canvas.
Each Paintings Gallery includes:

13 gallery wrap canvas
pictures, each 22 by 30 inches in size
1-2 panoramas
the size of THREE pictures
1 plaque describing the painting
Color Matching:
it's our forte; all pictures seen with one glance will blend in concept and visual tone.
We Hang the gallery for you at your location for free. We'll exchange that gallery for another in our collection about every 6 months if desired.
Our images are scanned from 35mm , medium format, or digital field film to yield very high resolution output .  They contain great detail and make excellent wall prints.
We make 'em and we rent 'em! All prints are double matted, signed, and FRAMED.  All Paintings are gallery wrapped.  To see what a finished painting looks like, visit CANVAS.

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