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Flamingo Painterly Photos

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American Flamingos Run at the San Diego Zoo picking up speed to fly All prints on this page, including this panorama, are photo to painting digital art that has been hand brushed for a long lasting finish.
©1085 American Flamingos Run at  San Diego Zoo

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Amercan Flaming Dancer Painting

Flamingo Beak -American Flamingo at Sea World, CA

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©1086 Flamingo Dancer at San Diego Zoo,
©1088 Flamingo Beak; American Flamingo at Sea World, CA
American Flamingos Curl at the San Diego Zoo White Flamingo Sky - Greater Flamingo (Epcot-Disney FL) Crested Screamer Protects Chilean Flamingos  SequoiaZoo, Eureka
©1083  American Flamingos    San Diego Zoo (Curl) ©1095 White Flamingo Sky     Greater Flamingo
Epcot Center
©1093 Crested Screamer    Protects Chilean Flamingos

Chilean Flamingo Rest at Sequoia Zoo, Eureka CA

Chilean Flamingo Fishing at Sequoia Zoo, Eureka CA

Greater White Flamingo at Epcot Animal Kingdom - Disney World Florida
©1087 Chilean Flamingo Rest Sequoia Zoo,  Eureka CA ©1089 Flamingo Fishing
in the reeds at the Sequoia Zoo, Eureka CA
©1084 Greater Flamingo at Disney Animal Kingdom
Chilean Flamingos Trust Crested Screamer; SequoiaZoo, Eureka Chilean Flamingo Reflections - Disney World Florida Flamingo Primadona -Chilean Flamingo Sequoia Zoo, Eureka CA
©1092 Chilean Flamingos Trust Crested Screamer ©1090 Chilean Flamingo Reflections - Florida ©1094 Flamingo Primadona - Sequoia Zoo, Eureka CA
American Flamingo Portrait aka Caribbean Flamingo(San Diego) Chilean Flamingo at Oregon's Wildlife Safari (Ballet) Fluffy Chilean Flamingos from Eureka CA (Sequoia Zoo)
©1091 American Flamingo Portrait  - San Diego ©0611 Chilean Flamingo Ballet  - Winston, Oregon ©1108 Fluffy Chilean Flamingos Eureka, California

This Gallery is 15 Multi-Process Canvas Paintings of American Flamingos, Greater White Flamingos and Chilean Flamingos. They are all hand brushed with artist acrylic so are often chunky, sometimes powder puff smooth.  Each picture of these tall, graceful, and beautiful birds starts as a print made with Camera, then Computer Tools.  It progresses to Gallery Wrap Framing and deep colorful acrylic artist paints that do not yellow, crack or change color. 
Watch out! 
The Flamingos will run right off your wall.    American or Caribbean Flamingos (also known as Cuban, Rosy, West Indian) have deep red-orange necks and bodies and are found on the West Coast of the United States.  These beautiful birds can lock their knees (actually an ankle) and stand on one leg to conserve body heat for more than 4 hours at a time.

For 50 years a flock of Flamingos has been cared for at the San Diego Zoo in California. The flock of over 70 birds is  provided  lovely accomodations with lots of pigment-carrying-crustacean pellets to keep their deep red-orangee color.  To fly, they must run on land to pick up speed and then lift off.  As they are wading birds, this run is often done in shallow water.

The Chilean Flamingo  found in Eureka California at the Sequoia Zoo varies from deep to light pink.  It is slightly smaller than the Caribbean Flamingo and has gray legs. They have exotic beauty when fluffing their feathers.

The Greater Flamingo  is white with long pink legs and can be found on the East Coast---Disney World Animal Kingdom in Florida. There are also candy colored totally pink "Lesser Flamingos" found in Africa. The Andean Flamingo, found in the South American Andes have yellow legs!  Sadly,  none are pictured here.

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