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DIRECTORY of Picture Galleries
Gal 1  The Snake River Gallery (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal 2  The Deschutes Plateau (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal 3  Fantasy (Digital Art Collections)
Gal 4  The Wine Country (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal 5  Fractal Geometry (Digital Art Collections)
Gal 6  Las Vegas Melts (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal6a Las Vegas Night Scenes (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal 7  Nature Park (Digital Art Collections)
Gal 8  Spring Delight (Digital Art Collections)
Gal 9  Oregon's Blue Mountains (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal10 The Columbia Gorge (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal10a Historic Columbia River Highway (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal11  Incredible Yellowstone Compelling Landscapes)
Gal12  Tulips (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal13  Portland in the Pink (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal13  Portland Bridges (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal13  Lan Su Chinese Garden (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal14  Crater Lake Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal15  Rivers of Oregon (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal15  Rogue and Metolius Rivers (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal15  McKenzie River (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal16  The Palouse Country (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal16a Living in Palouse Country (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal17  The Owyhee Uplands (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal18  The Deschutes-Umatilla Plateau (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal19  The Oregon Alps (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal20  Roots 'n Grant County (Finding Oregon's Best) 
Gal21  The Willamette Valley (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal22 Marion County, Oregon   (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal23 Crossing Idaho (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal23a Shoshone Falls State Park  (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal24 Painting Utah's Photographic Landscapes (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal25 Oregon Covered Bridges (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal26 Fruit of Washington Volcanoes(Compelling Landscapes)
Gal26a Mount St Helens Photos (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal27 Oregon's Umpqua River  (Finding Oregon's Best)  
Gal28 The Oregon Cascades(Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal29 Stained Glass Flowers (Digital Art Collections)
Gal30  Mahalo Hawaii (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal31  Special Occasions-Valentines (Digital Art Collections) 
Gal34  Central Washington Cascades   (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal34a Southern Washington (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal34b The Okanogan Valley (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal35  The Oregon Coast(Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal36 Pacific Scenes(Finding Oregon's Best) 
Gal37 The California Coast - South (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal37a The California Coast - North (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal38  Painterly Waterscapes (Digital Art Collections) 
Gal39 Around the Sound(Compelling Landscapes)
Gal39a Cities of Puget Sound  (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal40 Oregon's Basin Range (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal41 Oregon's High Lava Plains  (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal42 Rogue River Valley (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal42a Southern Oregon Wineries (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal42b Southern Oregon Rogue Valley Grapes (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal42c Rogue River Valley Special Places (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal43 Travel Oregon (Digital Art Collections)
Gal44 Abstracts(Digital Art Collections)
Gal45 Oregon Lighthouses (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal46 Huge Landscape Murals (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal46b Vertical Panoramas
Gal47 Central Washington-Moses Lake ( Compelling Landscapes
Gal48 Washington's North Cascades (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal49 The Idaho Panhandle and Silver Valley (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal50 Oregon's Flower Landscapes (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal51 New Mexico Colors (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal52 Skagit Valley Washington (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal53 Cascade Lakes (Finding Oregon's Best-Bend area Cascades)
Gal54 Alaska (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal55 Baker County, Oregon(Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal56 The Great Basin (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal57 Oregon Beaches Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal59 The Klamath Basin (Finding Oregon's Best-Bend area Cascades)
Gal60N North Texas (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal60S South Texas (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal61 Flamingo Paintings (Digital Art Collections)
Gal62 Montana(Compelling Landscapes)
Gal62 Montana National Parks(Compelling Landscapes)
Gal63 Artistic Arches of Oregon - McCullough Bridges (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal65 Louisiana Paintings (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal66 Arizona Landscape Paintings (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal67 Oregon Autumn Scenery (Finding Oregon's Best)
Gal68 California Diversity (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal69 The Montana Way (Compelling Landscapes)
Gal71 Oregon California Coast (Finding Oregon's Best)

Galleries in progress!
Gal24a Native Peoples of the South West (Compelling Landscapes) (in progress)
Gal32 Colorful Colorado (Compelling Landscapes) (in progress)
Gal33 See America: The South (FL, GA, SC, VA, WV, KY, TN, AR) (in progress)
Gal58 Washington's Flower Landscapes  (Compelling Landscapes) (in progress)
Gal64 Oh Canada! (Compelling Landscapes) (in progress)
Gal70 Oregon's Flower Blossoms (Finding Oregon's Best) (in progress)

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