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Willamette Valley Oregon Pictures
Sunsets_Orchards_Farms_Hagg Lake

Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams MT Hood;  Scholls Christmas Tree farm Click on EACH picture for a larger view
©0300-0302 Scholls Tree Farm Panorama
Oregon City, Willamette Falls, Mt. Hood, autumn leaves Sailboat on Hagg Lake in Western Washington County Red sky in Newberg Sunset; Willamette Valley farm area
Mt Hood Picture
©0393 Willamette Falls Color
Colorful Sunset
©0465 Hagg Lake
Colorful Sunset
©0328 Red Hills of Newberg
Winter filbert orchard, hazelnut orchard, snow Yamhill County Chehalem Valley, Newberg, Yamhill County Fall Hazelnut Orchard - Barcelona Filbert field
Oregon Agriculture
©0430 Filbert Orchard Snow
Willamette Valley
 ©0431 Chehalem Valley
Oregon Agriculture ©0432 Hazelnut Orchard in Fall
Willamette Valley moss, stream, fog Windbreak Poplar trees, fall color, autumn leaves, old fence

Rye Grass farm in Willamette Valley, grass field, fine art

Silvercreek Falls, South Falls, 177 feet; on South fork of Silver Creek
Willamette Valley ©0433 Moss and Fog- Valley Stream Willamette Valley
©0435 Windbreak with Fall Colors
Rye Grass Tapestry
Willamette Valley ©0515 Silvercreek Falls-South Falls
Oregon Agriculture,  Melrose Apple Tree, red ripe apples Mt Hood - Sandy River; Jonsrud Viewpoint between Gresham and Sandy Hot Air Balloons over a Hazelnut Field in Sherwood OR, Mt Hood
Oregon Agriculture
©1064 Melrose Apple Tree
©0674 Jonsrud Viewpoint
Mt. Hood and the Sandy River
Willamette Valley
©1042 Balloons over a Hazelnut Field

A day on Hagg Lake...Washington County...Scoggins Valley Park

Sunset sendoff...going home from Hagg Lake Hagg Lake Clouds in reflection; Scoggins Valley Park in Washington County, Oregon Sain Creek Picnic Area at Hagg Lake Hagg Lake; Pick up tows a boat at the end of the day Hagg Lake - Scoggins Valley - Washington County
Hagg Lake
©0475 Hagg Sunset
Hagg Lake
©0476 Hagg Clouds
Hagg Lake
©0477 Picnic Area
Hagg Lake
©0478 Pickup Tow
Hagg Lake

This Gallery is from The Willamette Valley of Oregon. (Scholls, Newberg, the Chehalem Valley, Yamhill County, Portland outskirts  - Gresham, Sandy)  It highlights the riches of Oregon's northwestern valley that all begins with outstanding weather.

     Oh sure, there's "Fog"  that bathes  mossy valley streams, and "Orchard Snow" to respite the "Hazelnut Orchards"...but there are just far fewer extremes than most other places in the United States.

     Agritourism displays "Rye Grass Tapestries",  "Melrose Apples"  and row crops aplenty.  One can enjoy a "picnic" or boating at "Hagg Lake, hiking  "Silvercreek Falls" or just marvelling at "Chehalem Valley" or a "Red Hills" sunset.

     Some would say the Willamette Valley has it all!!! 

from "Finding Oregon's Best"  ... gallery 21

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"Marion County"

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