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Gallery 47


Grand Coulee Dam, Moses Lake, Dry Falls

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Central Washington scenic pictures - Sunset on Moses Lake
Columbia Basin
©0525 Boaters at Moses Lake
Coulee=body of water; irrigates Columbia Basin, Moses Lake, creates Potholes Seep lakes
Columbia Basin Aerial
©0534 Grand Coulee Dam
Central Washington scenic pictures - Moses Lake Sunset ; 2 Boats race
Moses Lake Photo ©0526
Boat Race at Moses Lake
The Columbia Basin is a story of precious water
©0527 Lifeblood- Columbia Basin
Moses Lake=Abundant wildlife, recreation areas and solitude
©0535 Moses Lake-All To Myself
Can you see the tiny fishing boat on the far right?
©0536 Fisherman- Potholes Reservoir
largest falls in history of world. 400 ft fall till Missoula Flood, ~15000 ya
©0537 Dry Falls-Washington Grand Coulee-largest falls in history
Walk right up to Potholes close to Moses Lake
Columbia Basin ©0528 Flowers by a Pothole
aerial photographs of Central Washington - Cow trails leading cows to water
Aerial Photographs ©0529 Cattle in Columbia Basin
scenic pictures of Washington - Columbia National Wilflife Refuge from airplane
Columbia Basin ©0530 Dreamy Art of Potholes
The land of the potholes makes an excellent wildlife refuge
©0508 Columbia National
Wildlife Refuge
aerial photographs of Central Washington -  Potholes are drainage seep holes from irrigation to the North
©0531 Aerial Photo
Potholes Moses Lake
aerial photographs of Central Washington - Irrigation water sinks into the soft Columbia Basin and rises again as potholes to the S of Grand Coulee
©0707 Aerials
A Road Through the Potholes
Once steamboat rock was in the middle of a farmer's grain field
©0825 Steamboat Rock State Park
Central Washington Scenic Pictures

Aerial Photographs:
Columbia Basin
Moses Lake
Lake Lenore situated between Alkali Lake to the north and Soap Lake to the south
Aerial Photographs
©0824 Lake Lenore
Grand Coulee Dam pumped water into Banks Lake...Lake Roosevelt is the dam's  reservoir
Aerial Photographs
©0823 Cliffs of Banks Lake
Boats in the water attest to use of Potholes Reservoir State Park
Aerial Photographs
©0532 Potholes State Park
Farming east of Potholes Reservoir, Washington  aerial
Aerial Photographs ©0533
East of Potholes Reservoir
Soap Lake sported so much mineral content before Grand Coulee, FOAM washed a shore in such volume, it covered picnic tables
Aerial Photographs
©0826 Soap Lake

This Gallery is all about water.  Coulee means "body of water" .  Grand Coulee  means HUGE body of water, backed up into Franklin  Roosevelt Lake and then distributed to the thirsty Columbia Basin.  But water is not unknown to this region.  What is now called Dry Falls  was a 400 foot tall falls 15000 years ago; then the Missoula Flood reshaped the area.  The record  still stands; this is the largest falls in the history of the world!
           The precious water, lifeblood of the Columbia Basin, when spent in its agricultural task, creates the dreamy art of potholes...drainage seep holes  from irrigating farmland to the north.
Flowers by a pothole thrive and Cattle in the Columbia Basin  grow because of this water.
            From the air, it is easy to identify Steamboat State Park; then comes Banks LakeLake Lenore and Soap Lake. Before Grand Coulee Dam's massive irrigation project was completed in the 1950's, this chain of lakes fed one another in underground streams...ending in Soap Lake.  The mineral content increased with each lake, so Soap Lake was rich enough in minerals  to create foam that would rise up on the shore.  Even today,  Soap Lake can produce a thin line of foam in windy conditions.
             Those who live at Moses Lake can enjoy Potholes State Park,  fish the Potholes Reservoir, or enjoy the solitude of having Moses Lake...all to themselves.  Fantastic sunsets are not infrequent happenings.  Oh, to be a boater on Moses Lake.  

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