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Gallery 4


Oregon Wine Country Photos

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Sokol Blosser Vineyards in Dayton Oregon
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures
©0863 Sokol Blosser Vineyards
Chehalem Vineyards in summer - Newberg Oregon
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures
©0864 Chehalem Vineyards
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures - Dundee, Oregon
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures
©0593 Vineyards in Dundee
Biodynamic (organic) Pinot Noir Grapes from Cooper Mountain Vineyards
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures ©0847  Cooper Mountain Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir Grape field- Cooper Mountain Vineyards in Beaverton, Oregon
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures ©0848 Cooper Mountain Vineyards
Computer Graphic -3D bottle in tote red vineyard grapes
Computer Art
©0044 Luscious
pointilism scenic painting of Oregon Vineyard in fall color
Computer Art (Pointilism)
©0043 Painting (Oregon Winery)
<-------These Painterly Photos------->
can also be seen on the easel.

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Painting of Willamette Valley Vineyard - Dundee, Oregon
Computer Art - Painterly Photo
©0593a Vineyards in Dundee
Computer Effect - Chehalem Vineyards in fall - Newberg Oregon
Computer Art
©0865 Chehalem Vineyards Fall


Computer Graphic of Snow on Winter Grape plants
Computer Art
©0045 Snow (Winter Grapes)
Rex Hill winery, Willamette Valley Vineyard, snow, winter, Oregon
Oregon Wine Grape photographs
©0040 Rex Hill Winter(Winery)
spring, Rex Hill Winery in Newberg, OR
Oregon Wine Grape photographs
©0041 Rex Hill Spring
Rex Hill Winery balloon, grape, vineyard, Sculpture
Oregon Wine Grape photographs
©0042 Rex Hill Balloon
Sunrise on an Oregon vineyard
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures
©0037 Morning
grape plants on dramatic hillside slopes
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures
©0038 Slopes(of grape plants)
Red Barn Willamette Valley Vineyard picture
Willamette Valley Vineyard pictures
©0039 Maresh's Barn
grape leaf macro; baby grape
Wine Country Photos
©0046 Baby(Grape)
Autumn Wind winery, woman oak kegs, Oregon Vineyard
Wine Country Photos
©0047 Autumn Wind (Winery)
Chehalem Vineyards - Newberg Oregon rolling hills of grape plants in spring
Wine Country Photos
©0048 Rolling Hills (Vineyard)
poster advertising wine farms, wine sign
Computer Art
©0049 Wine Country
A bee---the worst enemy and best friend of a wine vineyard!
©0050 Bee
Young grape plants on stakes
Wine Country Photos
©0051 Stakes

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 or Southern Oregon Grapes

This Gallery is about feeling good.It's a spectacular "Morning" in the "Wine Country".  Grapes espalier on "Slopes" that promise a quick end to night.  "Maresh's Barn" has watched the grape greet morning since 1907.  Paths show the action of a "Rex Hill Winter"   and a "Rex Hill Spring."   "The Balloon" rises above the vineyard landscapes on its way to announce to the world the crop is in.
          Incredible "Rolling Hills"  have produced a "Luscious" product.  At "Autumn Wind" vineyard, wine flows from an oak keg,  keeping the oldest oak working its magic on the most mature wine.
          "Baby" grapes grow; they're laboriously trained to "Stakes".  You can always spot "The Bee"  as he is never far from the grape.  Fall looks like a "Painting" of color and form. 
And truly, have you ever seen such a "Snow" before? 
            "Cooper Mountain Vineyards" make organic wines  from their "Pinot Noir" grapes.  "Vineyards in Dundee"  make magnificent fall beauty.

We hope you have enjoyed these Oregon Wine Grape Photographs and computer Art renditions. 

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 4 ...

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