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Gallery 42a


Southern Oregon Wineries

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Swans on Bridgeview Winery Pond
©0699a Bridgeview:
Swans in Spring
Paschal Winery Pond, Cattails, Siskiyou Mts in Background
Rogue River Vineyard pictures - (Siskiyou Mountains)
©0691 Paschal Winery in Bear Creek Appellation
Pheasant Hill Vineyard, Talent, Oregon
Rogue River Vineyard pictures -
©0728 Pheasant Hill Vineyard
Paschal Wine Grapes-Rogue River Vineyard pictures
Rogue Valley pictures
©0692 Paschal Wine Grapes
Paschal Tasting Room, Pond, reflections
Rogue Valley pictures
©0693 Paschal Tasting Room
Valley View Vineyard-Peter Britt's Vineyard ~1850
Rogue Valley pictures
©0694 Valley View Vineyard
kegs at Ashland Vineyards
Southern Oregon Wineries
©0695 Ashland Vineyards
Bear Creek Appellation
Bear Creek Winery
Rogue River Vineyard pictures -
©0696 Bear Creek Winery
Illinois Appellation
DeVitt Winery
Southern Oregon Wineries
©0697 DeVitt Winery
Applegate Appellation
Young planting of grapes at Bridgeview Vineyards
©0698 Bridgeview Vineyard Babies
Illinois Appellation
Swans in the pond beneath the BRIDGE with a wonderful VIEW!
©0699 Bridgeview Swans
Bridgeview Winery
Pond at Bridgeview Winery...home to swans, a bridge and a VIEW!
©0700 Bridgeview Pond
Bridgeview Winery
Pear Orchard Needs Smudge Pots in Talent, Oregon
Rogue Valley pictures
©0729 Pear Orchard Needs Smudge Pots
Rogue Valley Pears 1st sold by "Harry and David"

Rogue Valley
©0678 Rogue Valley Pears
Pears in Talent, Oregon
Rogue Valley pictures
©0730 Pears grow beneath the Siskiyous Talent OR
Foris Vineyards Winery - Illinois Appellation
Rogue Valley pictures
©0703 Foris Vineyards Winery
Processing Equipment at Foris Vineyards Winery

Rogue Valley
©0705 Winery Processing Equipment
Tasting Room at Foris Vineyards Winery
Rogue Valley pictures
©0704 Foris Winery Tasting Room
Nebbiolo Wine Grapes at Weisinger's Winery
©0701 Weisinger's Handcrafted Wines from Nebbiolo Grapes
Nebbiolo Wine Grapes at Weisinger's Winery
Map of the Appellations and Vineyards
Eden Valley Winery
©0702 Eden Valley Winery-Bear Creek Appellation

This Gallery is... The Rogue River Appellation (a political area defined by farm products that utilize a specific microclimate) is comprised of drainage from tributaries INTO the Rogue River.
Bear Creek (Medford to Ashland)  defines the Bear Creek Appellation.
It includes:
 Paschal Winery,  Ashland VineyardsWeisinger's Winery,
Eden Valley Winery, Pheasant Hill Vineyard.
The Applegate River (Applegate and Williams) defines the Applegate Appellation.
It includes :
Valley View Winery (original stompin' grounds of Peter Britt),
DeVitt Winery, John Michael Champagne Cellars
The Illinois River (by Cave Junction) defines the Illinois Appellation.
It includes:
Bear Creek Winery, Foris Vineyards, Bridgeview Vineyards,
All wineries in the area owe their origins to the pear.  This was the first commercial crop exported from the area.

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