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Rogue River Valley Pictures
Life in Southern Oregon

Painting - Home in the Siskiyou Mountains near Emigrant Lake Painting - Emigrant Lake in the Evening Painting - Emigrant Lake Grasses
Ashland Oregon
Emigrant Lake Recreation Area Painterly Photo
©1111 Home in the Siskiyous
Ashland Oregon (Siskiyous)
Emigrant Lake Recreation Area Painterly Photo 
©1112 Emigrant Lake in Evening
Ashland Oregon
Emigrant Lake Recreation Area Painterly Photo 
©1113 Emigrant Lake Grasses
Painting - Fishing the Applegate River near RUCH, OR Caveman Bridge in Grants Pass over the Rogue River
Ruch Oregon Painterly Photo
Applegate River Valley
©1109 Fishing the Applegate
Grants Pass, Oregon Photograph
©1118 McCullough Bridge
Caveman Bridge in Grants Pass

Murphy Oregon Murphy Oregon Williams Oregon
store in Murphy, Oreogn called Quinn's Metal Sculptures at a Diner in Murphy Pendleton's Family Hardware in Williams, Oregon
Rogue River Valley
©0667 Quinn's
Rogue River Valley
©0668 MurphyCowpokes
Rogue River Valley
©0669 Pendleton Dusk
Siskiyou Mountains Siskiyou Mountains Shady Cove
Fog in the Siskiyou Valley Cows graze under mistletoe in Siskiyou Valley Daffodil Hill near Shady Grove
Rogue River Valley
©0496 Foggy Siskiyous
Rogue River Valley
©0670 Under Mistletoe
Rogue River Valley
©1110 Daffodil Hill

This Gallery is...Little towns, like Murphy, Williams, Shady where you find the country store, fishing and farming...flowered groves...the good life.   Great oaks with mistletoe  and Spanish Moss dapple the Siskiyou Mountains.
Whether you are at hillside home, nestled in the Siskiyou mountains, playing on spacious Emigrant Reservoir, or crossing the lovely arched Caveman Bridge with baskets of flowers honoring its beauty,  you know you are in a very special place.

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 42c...

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