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Gallery 54


Glaciers, Musk Ox, Gold, Seward, Denali

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Matanuska Peak near Palmer; seen from Wasilla; 6119 feet
Alaskan Travel Photography
Matanuska Photos
©0769 Matanuska Sunset Panorama - Wasilla, Alaska
Small Map of Alaska MAP

Clouds erupting from Matanuska Peak - Wasilla, AK
Clouds Erupting 
Matanuska Peak
Seward Alaska at the head of Resurrection Bay
Alaska Travel Photos ©0775 Seward, Alaska
Kenai Fjords National Park
Wonder Lake in Denali National Park; Tundra foreground; Alaska Range
Denali Photography Denali National Park
©0774 Wonder Lake and the Alaska Range
Caribou in Denali National Park; Both sexes have antlers
Denali Photography
©0771 Caribou - Denali Park - Dwarf Resin Bush and Willow
Aialik Glacier calving in Kenai Fjords National Park
Alaska  Photography ©0783
 Seeing Aialik Glacier Calve
Kenai Fjords
Visible red, yellow and brown basalts & rhyolites give Polychrome Pass its name
Denali Photography
©0772 Polychrome Pass
Denali National Park
Denali NP to Kantishna near Polychrome Overlook
Alaska Photography
©1402 Denali National Park
near Polychrome Overlook
Cook Inlet where Beluga whales travel
Alaska  Photography ©0786
 Cook Inlet - Chugach Mts -
Portage Glacier
Nenana- Between Denali & Fairbanks on the Parks Highway
Fairbanks Alaska
Alaska Travel Photography
©0782 Nenana Visitor Center
Alaska Pipeline: Aleyska is native for Alaska
Alaska Pipeline Photos
©0778 Aleyska Pipeline Visitor Center Sign
Alaska pipeline curving across Tanana River in Big Delta
Alaska Pipeline Photos
©0779 Big Delta - Alaska Pipeline Crosses Tanana River
The Alaska Pipeline crosses permafrost on stilts or travels buried in  typical earth;  Prudhoe Bay to Valdez is 350 miles.

There are 12 pumping stations enroute that reenergize the oil to keep it flowing.  A PIG is a scraper sent from 1 station to the next to clean the inner sides of the pipe.
Musk Ox creates 500 pounds of Quivet yarn per year - softest yarn in world
Alaska Travel Photography
©0777 Musk Ox -
Bison of the Tundra
Sealions and Cormorants living in Kenai Fjords National Park
Alaska  Photography
©0781 Living in Kenai Fjords -Sealions and Cormorants
Exit Glacier National Park within Harding Ice Field
Alaska  Photography
©0773 Exit Glacier NP-
Harding Ice Field
Goldstream Valley named for Dredges and gold pan mines
Alaska  Photography
©0784 Miner's Cabin - Goldstream Valley
Dogsleds must practice during summer to head to Nome in Winter
Denali Photography
©0789 Dogsled Summer Practice - Kantishna Lodge
Susitna River near Hatcher Pass is fisherman's dream
Alaska  Photography
©0788 Little Susitna River -
Hatcher Pass
Practiced wrist action is necessary to pan for gold
   Panning for gold is a slow and tedious process.  See the tiny flecks at the top of the pan???
Abundant Moose enjoying Chugach Mt scenery
©0768 Moose-
 Chugach Mountains
Black Bears are trumped by Grizzly bear but still look ominous
Alaskan  Black
Bears have climbed tree for daily play
©0776 Bears Play    Alaskan Wildlife Sanctuary
Artist totem pole in Pioneer Park - Fairbanks Alaska
©0780 Fairbanks -
Pioneer Park Totem
Denali National Park shows mountains effected by glacial scouring
Denali Photography
©0787 Black Spruce - Glacial
Scouring on Mountains

This Gallery is an inquisitive look at Alaska.
      Why, you ask, is Alaska's Moose jewelry made of poo?  Because Moose digestion is so efficient that there are NO nutrients left in the waste!  So Moose poo is dried, layered, painted and worn for decoration. 
       Why, you ask, is The Little Susitna River (near Hatcher Pass) one of the highest public use areas in all of Alaska?  Silver, Chum, Pink, and Sockeye Salmon go up the clean, swift river to spawn in such volume that this becomes a fisherman's paradise.
       Where else can you see a Matanuska Sunset in Wasilla, the Aialik Glacier Calving from a kayak in the Kenai Fjords AND a swan slipping across Wonder Lake in Denali Park?  Whether you follow guidance of the folks in the Nenana Visitor Center or  just  wander down Glenn Highway to see what you can may catch a glimpse of Clouds Erupting on Matanuska Peak or muse at the artistic rendering of a Totem near Fairbanks.
        The fall colors in Denali Park paint a delicate pastel of Caribou eating Dwarf resin bush and willow; Polychrome Pass appears ethereal as the sun heads home.   In Alaska, it's a seemingly everyday see a Musk Ox or a Black Bear or the small, yet mature, Black Spruce standing fortress to the mountains in the background.  It is certainly NOT an everyday experience for the visitor!
        The current economy of Alaska is bolstered by tourism in the Port of Seward  and Cook Inlet's Turnagain Arm, as well as oil traveling through the Aleyska Pipeline.  One of the Alaska Pipeline photos show the pipe curving its way through Big Delta over the Tanana River.  What a change from the good old days of panning for gold in Goldstream Valley (Fox) and living in a Gold Miner's Cabin.      Alaska may be cold and dark:
          so cold that at -50 degrees the moisture in the air freezes into crystals of thick fog
          so dark that a car's headlights bounce off these crystals blinding the driver
     But it is so beautiful...    

from "Compelling Landscapes" Gallery 54...

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