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Tulip Fields Pictures
Oregon Flower Photographs

Flower photographs from Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Flower photographs from Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Flower photographs from Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
Oregon Flowers
©0130 Tulip Fields pt 1
Oregon Flowers
©0131 Tulip Fields pt 2
Oregon Flowers
©0132 Tulip Fields pt 3
purple tulips, flowers, bulbs, tulip field red tulips, tulip field, bulbs,  blooms, flowers a tulip farm or field; rows of tulips; Turks cultivated tulips as early as 1000 AD
Tulip pictures
©0133 Purples
Tulip pictures
©0134 Reds
Flower photographs
©0135 Rows
Computer graphics - mural of tractor in a field of tulips Computer graphics - mural of Holland Windmill in a field of Oregon Tulips
Oregon Flower photographs
  ©0136 Tractor in the Tulips
Oregon Flower photographs
  ©0136a Windmill in the Tulips
Tulips in the clouds click here for
map showing location of these photos
Flower photographs
©0137 Tulips in the Clouds

This Gallery is The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon treats the visitor to an eyeful of color and Holland tradition. When the wind is calm and the crisp April sun bathes the fields,  every one wishing flower photographs delights in the pristine uniformity of "Rows" and rows of perfectly developed tulips.  Huge"Tulip Fields" are rich in "Reds" and "Purples".  There are "Tulips in the Clouds"and windmills authenticate their Holland Origins.

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 12...

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