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Montana National Park Pictures
Glacier NP_Yellowstone NP_Lewis CLark Caverns

The door bangs loudly as you enter the Lewis & Clark Caverns in Southern Montana's State Park Road to Glacier National Park
©1180 Enter Lewis & Clark Caverns SP ©1181 The Road to Glacier National Park The Rockies in Montana
Yellowstone National Park - Montana Bison Devil's Creek Falls, west side of Glacier National Park Missouri Foxtail Cactus growing out of a rock in Glacier National Park
Montana National Park
©1103 Buffalo - West
Yellowstone (Bison)
Montana Photograph
©1175 Devil's Creek Falls Glacier National Park
Montana Photograph
©1177 Missouri Foxtail Cactus  in  Glacier NP
McDonald Falls in Glacier National Park St Mary's Lake - Wild Goose Island - Glacier NP Yellowstone River
©1183 McDonalds Falls in
Glacier National Park
©1184 St Mary's Lake - Wild Goose Island - Glacier NP ©1176 Yellowstone River in the Gallatin Hills
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument "Going to the Sun" Road - Montana; Goes Over Continental Divide at Logan Pass Fence and farm beneath Emigrant Peak - Gallatin Valley
Montana NM Painterly Photo
©1098 Little Bighorn Cemetery
Glacier National Park ©1182
 From "Going to the Sun" Road
©1186 Emigrant Peak in Gallatin Valley

This Gallery is   all about the best Known Montana Parks including Glacier National Park is 1,000,000 acres - the most northern US part of the North American Rocky Mountains that stretch from Canada to Mexico.
          On the west side of the Rockies is the headwaters of the Colorado River; on the east side is the headwaters of the Mississippi River. This distinction is referred to as the "Continental Divide".   Even desert plants can live here as they survive with little nutrition and sporatic moisture.
          Yellowstone National Park - the first in the nation - is located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  The Original Entrance is in Gardiner Montana...along the Yellowstone River  in the Gallatin Valley.  Ride past Emigrant Peak and then to the park where you appreciate the resurgence of contented Buffalo families.
          Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument honors the site of the 1876 battle between US Army's 7th Cavalry and bands of Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho Indians.
          The First and Best known State Park of  Montana is the  Lewis and Clark Caverns SP. It includes  a well maintained limestone cave south of Helena and a number of hiking trails.  Although it overlooks many miles of the Lewis & Clark trail, Lewis and Clark never saw the caverns.

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