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Gallery 62a


Great Falls - Antelope - Rockies - Havre Farms

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Antelope Run to Canyon Ferry Lake - Helena National Forest
Montana Panoramas ©1097 Antelope at Canyon Ferry Lake
Montana Trains are VERY important.  Trains beneath the Rockies.
Montana Panoramas ©1179 Train Beneath the Rockies

MONTANA is... the coldest cold
(-70 degreesF) yet spots can reach 117 degrees!      Montana Map

Great Falls, discovered by Lewis & Clark, had 5 Great Falls that stopped their navigation of the Missouri River.    All have been turned into Dams, yet vestiges of fast flowing water can still be seen. The 5 Great Falls  are Black Eagle Dam (which still has smattering of the original Falls),  Morony Dam (some sulphur springs near by), Ryan DamRainbow Dam and the highpoint of Heritage Park, Giant Springs. 

Black Eagle Falls from Veterans Memorial Park in Great Falls, Montana
Great Falls Photos
©1101 Black Eagle Falls - Missouri River - Great Falls
Ryan Falls Dam in Great Falls  Montana
Great Falls Photos
©1099 Ryan Dam - Great Falls Montana
Giant Springs Heritage SP - Missouri River
Great Falls Photos
©1100 Giant Springs Heritage State Park
Volcano Canyon and the Missouri River
Montana Landscape Pictures
©1178 Volcano Canyon - Missouri River
Montana Strip Farm - Energy, Old and New
Montana Landscape Painterly Photo
©1174 Montana Strip Farm - Energy, Old and New
Missouri River creates the Rainbow Falls Dam in Great Falls, Montana
©1104 Rainbow Falls Dam      Great Falls
Havre Montana in Northern Montana
Montana Panoramas
©1185 Wheat Field in Havre Montana
Morony Falls Dam - Powerful Missouri River
Montana Photograph ©1102 Morony Power-Morony Falls
Gallatin Hills Horses at North Yellowstone, Montana
©1173 Gallatin Hills Horses - Painterly Photo
Acrylic Painting on Canvas-Horse Barns beneath Lolo Peak near Missoula, MT
 ©1187 Horse Barns beneath Lolo Peak - Painterly Photo

This gallery is filled with unique sights that are in every corner of Montana!      A modern-day wind farm perches on a hilltop, surrounded  by stripes of crops planted in strip farm fields.  The older hydroelectric power lines curve around the road, showing the past and the future in one scene.
        The Rockies tower above Canyon Ferry Lake as Antelope dance toward their watering hole.      
        The train put Montana on the Map! The Great Northern Railroad dared the northernmost transcontinental railroad route...opening much undeveloped territory.  The Great Northern was the inspiration to rail lines that followed.  
        Traveling  to the original entrance of Yellowstone NP in Southern Montana you pass the Gallatin Hills on the Yellowstone River.  Go far, far north and you'll find large expanses of wheat fields.  South of Missoula is Lolo Peak and colorful ranches.

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