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Portland Oregon Photographs
Bridges_ Sunrise_Flower Field pictures

Portland, Mt Hood and the Willamette Rivers; Portland Bridges  
©0984 Portland, Mt Hood and the Willamette River
    (BW photo...can be toned to your decor)
The Ban Corp building at sunrise beneath Mt. Hood Mt Hood, Sunrise, Portland, Oregon The Fremont Bridge built in 1973 and flags; sunrise, Portland Oregon
Portland Sunrise Photographs
©0395 Ban Corp at Sunrise
Portland Sunrise Photographs
©0165 Mt Hood Sunrise
Portland Sunrise Photographs
©0314 Fremont Flags
1912 Steel Bridge - Friendship Circle wind chimes from Sappora, Japan Convention Center and Ban Corp Building Portland Night Blue Grass Concert, Celebration, Willamette River, Portland, OR
Portland Bridge Photos
©0164 Convention Center
Portland Oregon pictures
©0394 Portland Night Lights
Portland Oregon pictures
©0168 The Blues Festival
3 Willamette River Bridges in Portland Rowers on the Willamette River near Hawthorne Bridge (oldest=1910), Portland, Oregon On-ramps to The Marquam Bridge (built in 1966); Portland Oregon
Portland Bridge Photos
©0452 Three Bridges
Portland Bridge Photos
©0166 Rowers in the Morning
Portland Bridge Photos
©0316 The Marquam Bridge
The Morrison Bridge on Willamette River; night lights; Portland, Oregon Mt Hood, Portland Texture Painting, drawing The Hawthorne Bridge on Willamette River; night lights; Portland, Oregon
Portland Bridge Photos
©0313 The Morrison Bridge
Portland Oregon pictures
©0180 Portland Duo Tone
Portland Bridge Photos
©0312 The Hawthorne Bridge
Clackamas  County:      
Swan Lake Dahlia Farm in Canby, Oregon Swan Lake Dahlia Farm in Canby, Oregon Swan Lake Dahlia Farm in Canby, Oregon Timothy Lake in Clackamas County; Mt Hood Timothy Lake in Clackamas County with Sailboat; Mt Hood
©0656 Gold Dahlias ©0657 Pink Dahlias ©0658 Dahlia Field ©0659 Timothy Lake ©0660 Mt Hood
          Timothy Lake

This Gallery is... Portland awakes to a "Mt Hood Sunrise" and the "Ban Corp at Sunrise" ;  cars slip easily beneath the "Fremont Flags".  "Rowers in the Morning" paddle on the Willamette River which will host, on the 4th of July, "The Blues Festival".  Portland is known for it's efficient bridges.  "The Marquam Bridge" carries people homeward.   The "Convention Center" stands guard over the Steel Bridge in a park called the "Friendship Circle" where Sappora, Japan's wind chimes speak the language of Portland's Sister city. 
          Night falls and cloaks "The Morrison Bridge" and "The Hawthorne Bridge" and "Portland Night Lights" in deep darkness and sparkling lights. Here, too, is more Portland Oregon Suburbs...  Clackamas County

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 13a...

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