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Oregon Cascade Mountains Pictures
Mt Hood-Mt Jefferson-Mt Thielsen

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Timberline Lodge and Mt Hood - Summer scene Metolius River Lodge Carving Mt Hood from Sherwood
Oregon Cascades Pictures
©0846 Timberline Lodge and Mt Hood
©0602 Metolius RiverLodgeCarving Oregon Cascades Pictures
©0615 Mt Hood from Sherwood
Wildflowers in the foothills of Mt Hood Mt Hood at Beaver Creek Prairie
Mt Hood with a Morning Sky
Mountain Scenes
©0834 Mt Hood Draped Wildflowers
©0839 Mt Hood at Beaver Creek Prairie
(Common Camas flower)
Beautiful Pink Sky
©0617 Mt Hood Morning Sky
Mt Hood at Frog Lake Long telephoto of Mt Jefferson Auferderheide National Forest Scenic Byway
National Forests of Oregon
©0843 Mt Hood at Frog Lake
Oregon Cascades Pictures
©0616 Jefferson Calling
National Forests of Oregon
©0836 Aufderheide
Koosah Falls on the McKensie River aerial photo - Mt Hood in Cascades National Forests of Oregon-Fir Trees in  Snow Mt Hood at White River Crossing
National Forests of Oregon
©0833 Koosah Falls
      McKenzie  River
Oregon Cascades Pictures
©0837 Oregon Cascades
    in the Clouds (aerial)
National Forests of Oregon
Mountain Scenes
©0731 Fir Trees in  Snow
Oregon Cascades Pictures
©0842 Mt Hood at White
     River Crossing
Mt Jefferson near Sisters Mt Jefferson from Warm Springs Jagged Mt Thielsen Forest Chinquapins
National Forests of Oregon
©0385 Mt Jefferson-Sisters
©0363a Mt Jefferson
from Warm Springs
Oregon Cascades Pictures
©0733 Jagged Mt Thielsen
©0844 Chinquapins-
   Sea Urchins of the Forest
Sahalie Falls - McKenzie River Forest Tree against a clear mountain sky Wildflowers in the Mt Hood National Forest Common Camas Flower
©0311 Sahalie Falls
    McKenzie River
Mountain Scenes
©0840 Forest Sky
Oregon Cascades
©0835 Wildflowers
    Mt Hood  NF
©0845 Common
    Camas Flower

This Gallery is a group of mountain scenes from the Oregon Cascades.  This unit of volcanic mountains,  forest scenes,  waterfalls,  and crisp mountain rivers is only a snippet of the 700 mile long Cascade Mountain Range.  There are delicate colors of morning,  "Mt Hood Morning Sky"  and evening,  "Mt Jefferson in the Evening".  There are pictures that honor spring,  "Mt Hood Draped in Flowers"  summer,  "Carving at Metolius River Lodge"  and winter, "Fir Trees in the Snow".
      Oregon's "Timberline Lodge"  stands tall, a respite for winter skiers ... a doorway to fun for nearly 2 million visitors in summer.
      The Oregon Cascades Mountain Range punctuates several different National Forests.  "Jagged Mt Thielsen "  is a scene from the eastern slopes of the Cascades in the Umpqua National Forest. "Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie River",   "Koosah Falls"  and  "Aufderheide-On the Mountain Meadow"  are from the Willamette National Forest.
     The High Cascades with its volcanic peaks, alpine meadows, and conifer forests present imagery for every mental state... "Chinquapins"  for the curious... "Jefferson Calling"  for an escape to the ethereal! 

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 28...

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