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Gallery 1


Snake River-Brownlee Reservoir-Imnaha

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fisherman on the Snake River influenced by Brownlee Dam
Snake River Photographs
©0001 The fisherman
boating recreation on the tame Snake River
Brownlee Reservoir pictures
©0002 The Boater
reflections on the tame Snake River
Brownlee Reservoir pictures
©0003 The Snake in Solitude
Snake River, hills, grasses
Brownlee Reservoir pictures
©0004 Grasses View
Nyssa, Oregon, sunset
Scenic Photography
©0005 Nyssa Sunset
road near Snake River; reservoir of Brownlee Dam
Brownlee Reservoir pictures
©0006 Road to Travel
wild fireweed rebuilds the woods after fire
Hell's Canyon pictures
©0007 Fireweed
The Imnaha Church - a country church
Oregon Scenic Photography
©0008 Imnaha Church
the Imnaha River in Imnaha Valley
Oregon Scenic Photography
©0177 Imnaha Valley
Peniplane of the Snake River
Hell's Canyon pictures
©0009 Snake River Peniplane
This scenic photography no longer exists. Farewell Bend now has a motel not a corn field
Snake River Photographs
©0011 Farewell Bend
The Imnaha Store
Hell's Canyon pictures
©0012 Imnaha Store
Little Sheep Creek
Oregon Scenic Photography
©0765 Little Sheep Creek
Imnaha Horse Ranch on the Imnaha River
Oregon Scenic Photography
©0766 Imnaha Horses
Little Sheep Creek spawns a tree that must bend and adapt
Oregon Scenic Photography
©0767 Bend and Adapt
Seven Devils-Peaks named by Indian
Hell's Canyon pictures
©0010 Seven Devils
a ranch dwarfed by the huge hills of Imnaha Canyon
Oregon Scenic Photography
 ©0178  At Home
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This Gallery is  our travels to Northeastern Oregon including many Snake River Photographs.

      Gazing across Hell's Canyon, the Indians named the mountain peaks the "Seven Devils". Surely the devil made such treacherous country!   But sights like the "Snake River Peniplane" soften the geography for the viewer.  One can see burned areas that have become a sea of "Fireweed".  These burns are protected by the government and cannot be cleared or logged.
     These Brownlee Dam pictures show  the tame Snake River which prompts " The Fisherman" and"The Boater" to use the "Road to Travel". Upstream one may ponder "The Snake in Solitude" or take the perspective of the "Grasses View". To those who are "At Home" in the "Imnaha Valley" the"Imnaha Store", "Imnaha Church"   and  "Imnaha Horses"  are  essential elements to life in the area. Twisting along beside the road to Imnaha is "Little Sheep Creek";  even the tree must twist in an effort to "Bend and adapt".
     A bit south, in "Farewell Bend" the Snake River used to water cornfields by the age old method of ditch irrigation.  This scene is long gone...a motel is there now. 
     Finally, the "Nyssa Sunset" lulls the community to nightfall.  

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