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Roots 'n Grant County Photos
John Day - Izee - Fox - Strawberry Mts

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Sheep Rock and the John Day River Panorama Cowboy in a sunset north of Austin
Eastern Oregon Pictures Click to see a larger View
©1073 Sheep Rock & the John Day River (near Picture Gorge)
Eastern Oregon Pictures
©1072 Grant Country Cowboy
painted hills in Grant County - Long Creek to Monument Strawberry Mountain in Eastern Oregon's Grant County Long Creek to North through the center of the county
©1074 Grant County's
Painted Hills
©0235 Strawberry Mountain: 
The Hills are Alive
©1075 Colored Hills:
Long Creek to Monument
John Day River and Cathedral Rock

Izee - South Fork of the John Day River

Oregon Agriculture - Grant County - An Izee Farm
©1076 Cathedral Rock & the
John Day River
©1078 Izee - South Fork of the
John Day River (peniplane)
©1079 Living in Grant County
An Izee Farm
Fox and the Fox Church Oregon Agriculture - Strawberry Mountain - hay bales     Grant County
    Unique formations
    Charmin' Farmin'
Oregon Agriculture
©1082 Fox and the Fox Church
©0613 Strawberry Mountain: Round Bales   OR Agriculture  
Eastern Oregon Malheur National Forest at Izee Junction Sheep Rock Vertical Oregon Agriculture Strawberry Mountain near Prairie City
Strawberry Mountain:
 named for wild strawberries found by a homesteader working the land.
©1077 Malheur NF
at Izee Junction
©1080 Sheep Rock
©1081 Strawberry Mountain Range near Prairie City
Click to see a larger View
Strawberry Mountain - Grant County's informational covered wagon visitor center Eastern Oregon Agriculture  Strawberry Mountain Hay Corral
©0612 Strawberry Mountain:
Visitor Center Wagon
Eastern Oregon Agriculture
©0610 Strawberry Mt: Hay Corral

Grant County Map Grant County Map This Gallery is a look at the heavily eroded volcanic deposits of the scenic John Day River, where lies a land for every taste.
          Think gold mines, fishing lakes, lodge pole pines, split rail fences; cows and cowboys, sagebrush, round bales, nationally acclaimed rock formations of Sheep Rock & Picture Gorge, many painted hills, Cathedral Rock, The Strawberry Mountains and desolation at its finest.
          Fox Creek (for which the town of Fox is named) is a tributary of the North Fork of the John Day. The Fox Church resonates in the community.
         Whether in Prairie City, Izee, or John Day... it is the John Day River...its forks,
its meandering  peniplanes, its abundant gifts, that makes these farming communities...
beautiful, productive,  and a sight for sore eyes! 

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 20 ...  

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