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Gallery 50


18 Willamette Valley Paintings

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Many blue hydrangea blossoms as the sun comes up
Flower Landscape Painting
©1334 Blue Hydrangea
in Morning Sun
Autumn leaves by a pond with play structure
Canvas Wall Art
©1361 Duck House and Pond in Fall Leaves
Flowers: Yellow Lilies, Blue Hydrangeas, Red Lilies
Oregon Landscapes
©1362 Lilies
in the Spa Garden
Akebia blossoms in our garden
©1364 The Akebia Vine
Five Red Plums Painting
Oregon Fruit Painting
©1335 Plums
Hummingbird painting by Crocosmia blossoms
Oregon Bird Painting
©1366 Hummingbird at the Crocosmia
Wire Haired Dachshund in Patio Chair with Fuchsias and Geraniums
Oregon Summer Painting
©1359 Patches in the Spa Patio
Spring Patio with Black Locust Blossoms
Spring Oregon Scenery
©1332 Patio with Locust Blossoms
Painting of Three Melrose Apples
Oregon Fall Painting
©1064a Three Melrose Apples
Painting of three water lilies
Oregon Landscape Painting
©1336 Three Water Lilies Painting
The Wisteria is in Bloom over the Greenhouse
Oregon Flower Painting
©1067 Wisteria on the Snaphouse
Cedar Chips and Blue Adirondack Chair
Oregon Landscape Painting
©1379 Cedar Chips and Blue Adirondack Chair
Gardenia painting on a Deck
Oregon Flower Landscape
©1363 The Gardenia
Wire Haired Dachshund at Patio Fence
Spring Painting
©1360 Patches at the Fence
Spa Patio Fence, Red Roses and umbrella
Spring Painting
©1358 Roses at the Fence
Flowers under the St John's Bridge over the Willamette River
Spring Landscape Painting
©1367 St John's Bridge-Cathedral City Park, Portland
A Trio of White Trillium
Spring Flower Painting
©1357 The Trillium Trio
From Nature Park
Red Rhododendron Blossoms in the Woods painting
Summer Flower Painting
©1333 Woodland Rhody
From Nature Park

This gallery is comprised of:
a sample of the colorful flowers around our home, Brookforest Farm, south of Portland and one painting from Portland.

Locust blossoms, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Gardenias, Roses, Wisteria, Akebia, Rhododendrons, Trilliums,...

They announce the Spring.
They decorate the Summer.
The Pup likes the view,
Hummingbirds like the flavor,
and the photographer has a FIELD DAY!!

Have you clicked on each picture for a larger view? It has information and pricing.
Every image in this gallery started as a camera capture,  became an original digital "Photo to Painting"... was hand brushed with artist paints and machine stretched in gallery wrap style. was hardened with multiple layers of protective coating.

 from "Finding Oregon's Best"...Gallery 50

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