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 Oregon Coast Beach Pictures
Yaquina Head Natural Area

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Battle Rock in Port Orford-scene of an historical battle Haystacks on the Southern Oregon Coast
The Oregon Coast
©0972 Battle Rock in Port Orford
Painterly Photo
©1114 Haystacks on the Southern Coast;
Pistol River to Meyers Cr
Scenic Viewpoint in Bandon Oregon Whaleshead Viewpoint in Samuel H Boardman State Park Oregon Islands-the Staircase
Oregon Beaches (Bandon)
©0963 Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint
©0965 Whaleshead Viewpoint-Samuel H Boardman State Park ©0964 Oregon Islands-The Staircase
Oregon National Wildlife Reserve
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area Purple violet sunset on Bandon's Glistening beach Rocky Cape Arago and Arago Lighthouse
Oregon Beaches
©0969 Yaquina Head Photographer
Oregon Beaches
©0962 Glistening Sunset - Bandon
Pictures of the Oregon Coast
©0961 Rocky Cape Arago
Aquarium Village - Newport Kite Skiing the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln City, Kite Surfing Kite
Kite Festival at Lincoln City
Pictures of the Oregon Coast
©0967 Aquarium Village Wally Walrus
Oregon Beaches-Lincoln City
©0968 Kite Skiing the Ocean
Oregon Beaches
©0966 Kite Festival at Lincoln City
Photogenic Drift Creek Covered Bridge (1914) The character of the residents of Neskowin is typified by abundant flowers
Pictures of the Oregon Coast
©0973 Drift Creek Covered Bridge
Pictures of the Oregon Coast
©0974 Character of Neskowin
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Seals swim in the Tide Pools of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area; Pictures of the Oregon Coast
Pictures of the Oregon Coast
©0971 Seals swim in tide pools
People gaze at the Tide Pools of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
©0970 Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
Sea Anemone in a tide pool at Yaquina Head
  Oregon Beaches
©0976 Sea Anemone 
This Gallery is a jaunt travelling south down the Pacific Ocean coastline to affirm the Oregon Coast is a miraculous treasure.  Begin the journey at Neskowin, and see the character and style of coastal residents.  Lincoln City has something for every age to do and see, from examining a covered bridge built in 1914 to kite skiing the ocean to flying kites on the sandy beach.  Move south to Newport to see the color of Wally Walrus at the Aquarium Village or see the marine life at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area - one of the most accessible wildlife viewing locations on any coast!

     Only a few miles away, North of Newport, headlands such as Yaquina Head , will entice you to stop and marvel at the force of the Pacific Ocean. Over the years it has shaped the jagged rock remnants from the solid veneer of the past.

     South of the Oregon Dunes, the Southern Oregon coastal town of Coos Bay leads to Rocky Cape Arago where the Arago lighthouse keeps watch over sea travel of small boats and big ships alike.  Further south in Bandon, beaches are seen from Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint as well as from the staircase of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve.   The Oregon Islands provides protection and nesting sites to more than a million seabirds.

     Further south, Battle Rock commemorates the historic conflict between the Indians and white soldiers attempting to establish a settlement at what is now Port Orford.
     In Brookings, nearing the California border, is one of many many Oregon State Parks; Take one last look from Whaleshead Viewpoint as the journey through Oregon's treasure draws to an end. 


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