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Pacific Ocean Photographs
Oregon Coast_Depoe Bay_Whale Cove

Whale Cove South of Depoe Bay Yaquina Bay Bridge Sunset in Newport
Pacific Ocean photographs
©0318 Whale Cove panorama
Oregon Coast photos
©0440 Yaquina Bay Bridge at Sunset
Sailboats sailing beneath Astoria Bridge Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach Horses on the Beach at Manzanita Sand Dunes
Pacific Ocean photographs
©0340 Astoria Bridge (sailboats)
Oregon Coast photos
©0335 Haystack Rock (CannonBeach)
Oregon beaches pictures
©0341 Horses - Manzanita Dunes
Cape Arago Lighthouse near Charleston Oregon Pacific Ocean photographs
©0307 Cape Arago and the Lighthouse Panorama
Cape Foulweather - OtterRock - Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean photographs
©0304 Cape Foulweather (Otter Crest) Panorama
Cape Blanco, western-most point of Oregon Coast Pacific Ocean photographs
   ©0305 The Blanco Lighthouse
Coquille River Lighthouse - Bandon Lighthouse Rainbow over houses in Yachats Lewis and Clark - Sakajawea sacajawea at Cannon Beach
 Bandon Lighthouse©0342 Coquille River Lighthouse Oregon beaches pictures
©0338 Rainbow Primary Dune
Oregon Coast photos
©0337 Sacajawea
Roots of the Sitka Spruce tree Pelican, Ocean bird Birds take flight on Oregon Beach
©0336 Octopus Roots (Sitka Spruce) Oregon Coast photo
©0334 The Pelican
Oregon beaches pictures
©0345 Birds at Sea  (Ocean)
Sailboat by Yaquina Bridge in Newport, Oregon Seal Rock near Yaquina Lighthouse Sunset on Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast photos
©0661 Sailboat at Yaquina Br
Oregon beaches pictures
©0662 Seal Rock
Pacific Ocean photographs
©0329 Pacific Sunset
Depoe Bay's Spouting Horn -Rainbow Alder trees and Vine Maple in the Coast Range near McGuire Reservoir Tillamook Cheese Factory 1989
Pacific Ocean photographs
©0339 Depoe Bay Spouting Horn
Oregon Coast  Range
©0869 Alders & Maples-Coast Range
Oregon Coast photos (1989)
©0841 Tillamook Cheese Factory

This Gallery is a look at the opportunities for photos at the Oregon Coast.
     Whether you are dining at Whale Cove , watching cheese be made, or sailing under the Astoria Bridge, riding Horses on the Manzanita Dunes,  or watching for the Spouting Horn to blow at Depoe know you are at a treasure of opportunity if you are searching for Oregon Coast photos.  Bounded by the temperate rainforest of the Coast Range, Oregon beaches pictures are abundantly available since this coastline has been protected a long while by functional structures like "Cape Arago Lighthouse or the Blanco Lighthouse...and honors go to its protective past with memorials to the Coquille River Lighthouse (at Bandon) which now sleeps among the Birds at Sea
     The Pelican and all means of wildlife seem unaffected by storms that pass... leaving tranquil Rainbows nestled on a primary Dune. Only unearthed tree roots in the shape of   Octopus Roots serve as a reminder of the ocean’s force.
     As evening approaches,  twilight colors bathe Haystack Rock...the sun sets over Cape Foulweather  and orange makes Pacific Sunset, Yaquina Bay Bridge Sunset. Goodnight Sea.    

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 35...
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For Coast Panoramas:
0305-343-344 Cape Blanco and the Lighthouse 
0307 Cape Arago and the Lighthouse
0446 Yaquina Head Lighthouse
0304 Cape Foulweather (Otter Crest)
0318 Whale Cove
0306 Harris Beach & the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve
0308 Shore Acres State Park - The Garden
0972 Battle Rock in Port Orford

Just for fun, which of these Pacific Ocean photographs did you like the best?

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