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Oregon River Photographs
The Mighty McKenzie River

Bellinger Landing on the McKenzie River Bellinger Landing on the McKenzie River Bellinger Landing on the McKenzie River
©1045 Part 1 Bellinger Landing
McKenzie River Panorama
©1045 Part 2 Bellinger Landing
McKenzie River Panorama
©1045 Part 3 Bellinger Landing
McKenzie River Panorama
Man, Woman and Dog float the McKenzie River Man, woman and Dog -McKenzie River <------------------------
       Here's a closer look at

       floating the McKenzie!!
McKenzie River pictures
©1044 McKenzie River Reflections
Goodpasture Bridge near Vida 165 feet long, built in 1938 Blue River Reservoir
McKenzie River pictures
©0954 GoodPasture Covered Bridge
McKenzie River Area
©1046 Blue River Reservoir

This Gallery is...    The Mighty McKenzie is known for its sparkling clear water, class 3 rapids, and drift boat fishing and rafting.  This is the birthplace of the McKenzie River Driftboat;  even Theodore Roosevelt  enjoyed a long, smooth ride.
     Fishing is a hobby, a passion, a constant event with the people who know the McKenzie.  You'll find fishermen, and fisherwomen, any where ...any time... many favorite spots are past the Goodpasture Bridge.  This is the second longest covered bridge in Oregon (165 feet); it was built in 1938.
     The Blue River empties into the McKenzie.  The Blue River Reservoir is man's attempt to store the winter floodwaters.  This is a great spot for camping, boating, swimming, water skiing and fishing for all ages.
     There are many accessible boat launches like Bellinger Landing.  Above Bellinger, the river is stocked with planter trout which makes good fly fishing.

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 15b ...

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