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Gallery 24


Goosenecks - Bryce - Zion - Arches - Capitol Reef

UTAH SLIDESHOW    Click on each picture for a larger view!!!!
Goosenecks of the San Juan River - Utah State Park; A Meander-In 1.5 mi river goes for 6 mi
Utah landscapes - large digital art panorama Painterly Photo
"The finest example of entrenched river meanders in the world!"
©1235 Goosenecks of the San Juan River Panorama
Bryce Canyon Sundown - Tropic Utah
Utah landscapes
Utah National Parks- BryceNP
©1231 Bryce Canyon Sundown
The Needles District in Canyonlands NP, Utah - sandstone spires
large digital art Painterly Photo of Utah
the spires in Canyonlands NP
©1236 Needles in Canyonlands
Gnarly Tree in Natural Bridges NM Utah
large digital art  Painterly Photo
Natural Bridges NM,  Utah ©1240 Gnarly Tree Painting
Capitol Reef Utah - a 100 mile waterfold
large digital art Painterly Photo
©1239 Capitol Reef Utah
A 100 Mile Waterfold
from Zion Park Boulevard, Zion NP, Utah
vertical Utah landscape
Rock Formation in Zion NP
©1242 Zion Park Boulevard
Arches Sunburst - Arches National Park, Utah
vertical Utah Painterly Photo
©1245  Arches Sunburst
Morning-Arches National Park
Horses in the Salina Aspens; Salina to Emery Utah
vertical Utah Painterly Photo
©1241 Horses in the Salina Aspens (Salina to Emery Utah)
Flaming Gorge Panorama from Sheepcreek Overlook, Dutch John Utah
Utah panorama picture; Gallery Wrap Canvas Painterly Photo
Flaming Gorge NRA near Vernal UT (Dutch John Utah)
©1237 Flaming Gorge Panorama from Sheepcreek Overlook
Natural Bridges at Bryce Canyon Utah
digital art Painterly Photo
©1233 Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon Utah
Dinosaur in Museum at Vernal Utah; Edaphosaurus from Permian Period
Edaphosaurus (Permian)
©1230 Dinosaur Museum, Vernal UT
Scipio Hay Farmer, Scipio Utah Painting
Utah Painterly Photo  - Agriculture
©1229 Scipio Hay Farmer, Scipio, Utah
Dixie National Forest (Yellow Aspens)
Miles of Yellow Aspens
©1232 Dixie National Forest
Cattle Shute beneath Wasatch Mts-Heber Valley Utah
digital art Painterly Photo
©1244 Cattle Shute-Wasatch
Mountains-Heber Valley, Utah
Delicate Arch - Sunset Painting of Arches National Park - Moab, Utah
digital art Painterly Photo
Arches NP    Moab, Utah
©1224 Delicate Arch at Sunset
Roads near Kachina Natural Bridge
digital art Painterly Photo
©1234 Roads near Kachina - Natural Bridges NM Utah snow
Bryce Canyon Panorama from Inspiration Point
Utah panorama picture; large framed photograph
National Parks in Utah - Bryce Canyon NP
©1243 Bryce Canyon Panorama - Inspiration Point
Saltair III Pavilion; a  Resort in Salt Lake City
Utah Painterly Picture
Fantasy: Salt Lake City Resort
©1238 Saltair III Pavillion

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This Gallery  visits a landscape extravaganza-Utah-with each of its many State & National Parks telling stories of the past in stone sculpted by the force of water.
          Near the southern border of Utah is a sight that rivals the Grand Canyon.  The Goosenecks of the San Juan River Panorama depicts THE longest entrenched meander in North America.    In 1.5 miles, the San Juan River flows a distance of 6 miles.  This state park has no fee to enter; you can walk right up to the rim day or night and marvel at nature's accomplishment.   In contrast are the sandstone spires - the Needles of Canyonlands NP near Moab.   The most photographed of all Utah's gifts is Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.  After a morning sunburst at Arches NP, head west where lies another world record holder  Capitol Reef NP a 100 mi upthrust called a waterfold.  Wandering south brings you to Natural Bridges NM  where desolation is interrupted only by giant holes and bridges in the dry landscape.  At an elevation of 6000 feet,  switchback roads near Kachina Natural Bridge are often covered in snow.
          The most iconic Natural Bridge is in Bryce Canyon NP; it spans 85 feet and is comfortably visible  from a viewpoint.   In Tropic, Utah you can see rocks literally glow in evening light.  The quintessential  array of spires at Bryce Canyon's Inspiration Point. leaves a lasting memory. Saturated with red rock? Revel in yellow aspens of Dixie National Forest west of Bryce Canyon.  The unique sights of Zion NP --- Utah's most visited National Park and first NP---include  a mountain of pancakes formed by  flash floods which deepen this valley yearly.
           Central Utah is dappled with little towns; the oldest city Salina,  nearby ranching community Emery and farming town Scipio.  Heber Valley, to the north, is a hub of high end resorts nestled beneath the Wasatch Mountains where cattle shutes are reminders of the valley's ranching past.  Bordering Great Salt Lake is Saltair III, a resort first built in 1893 and ever upgraded.
           The northeast corner of Utah shares geography with Colorado and Wyoming.  South of Vernal is the Dinosaur Museum  with its wall of bones visible from a walkpath through the quarry. This is the only preserved Dinosaur quarry in the world.  One of Utah's most popular Recreation Areas is the Flaming Gorge NRA; it is hands down one of the prettiest landscapes in Utah with red rocks set against the intense color of the Green River.   Utah IS a landscape extravaganza!

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