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Gallery 34b


Columbia, Okanogan, Wenatchee Rivers

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Okanogan and Columbia River join
Okanogan River panorama
©0888 Confluence of the Okanogan - Columbia River
Russian Olive trees dapple the banks of the Okanogan River
Okanogan River panorama
©0889 Russian Olives thrive on the Okanogan River
Okanogan County Courthouse in the city of Okanogan, WA
The Okanogan Valley
©0895 The Okanogan Courthouse
Pateros Memorial Park - Appreciating mountains and rivers of the area and the pioneers who settled here
©0899  Pateros City Park - Columbia River
Beebe Bridge replaced an older suspension bridge in 1963; Chelan Falls
©0894 Beebe Bridge over Columbia River-Chelan Falls
2 mi North of Entiat...1872 earthquake reshaped landscape
©0913 Entiat near Earthquake Point Columbia River
Sandstone Spires attract rock climbers at Peshastin Pinnacles State Park
©0914 Peshastin Pinnacles and Pear Blossoms - Near Leavenworth
Wenatchee River; Washington
The Wenatchee Valley
©0900a Wenatchee River

The "Fruit Capital of Western North America" stretches from Canada's border to Oregon's border.  The Okanogan Valley   in the north (which starts as the Okanagan Valley in Canada) flows to the Wenatchee Valley south of it.  Orchard fruits include pears, peaches, nectarines, apples, cherries, and grapes; but there also exists wildlife, fish and forestry to make this area a very "fruitful" travel experience. 
     The Okanogan River, Entiat River, and Wenatchee River all flow into the Columbia River providing good transportation for fruits from this area.  These rivers are the lifeblood to little cities like Pateros and Chelan Falls that developed on the rivers' banks.

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Here's a map of Okanogan Valley stretching to the Wenatchee Valley.
A black dot shows the location of each picture above.

Leavenworth Area Map of the Okanogan Valley

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